Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's a family tradition. Every year we go to Aunt Sarah's on Halloween night. The boys got to hang out with their cousin Seth, and their newest cousin, Slade!

Big Brother an Lil Brother on their 1st Halloween together!

Slade was NOT.HAVING.IT. I don't think it was the mass chaos in the house or the costume that set him off...but that mama had to put him down for his picture. He looked super cute though!!

Sethie-toot was a football player this year!...although some of us think he might make a better cheerleader ;) or drill team member! I personally loved the little eye thingy's under his eyes. Super duper cute!

One of the very few pics of Mr. Gage. He decided that he was going to take off like a lightning bolt and leave everyone else in the dust! He loaded up on candy. :)

Corbin had lots of fun going house to house this year.

Here is a pick of most of the kids we trick-or-treated with this year. (minus Gage, because like I said, he left us eating his dust)

Luigi having tons of fun! Houses always give out better candy than stores. :)

Gage had to play detective to see why there was screaming coming from the bushes. He located the speaker. Both Gage and Corbin did a lot better this year with the scary stuff.

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to hand out candy. They waited patiently for the next trick-or-treater, and then loaded them up! (I don't think they listened to us when we told them 2 pieces each)

In true Slade fashion...he slept through most of the festivities, but looked adorable doing it. :)
Happy Halloween!

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