Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Corbin's 1st Field Day!!!

My soon-to-be 1st grader had his very first FIELD DAY experience today! It was suppose to be a couple weeks ago, but thanks to the rain, it got rescheduled! I wasn't able to make it , but according to Corbin...he had a BLAST! And to make the day even better...his daddy got to spend the ENTIRE day with Corbin and his class! Corbin was so excited about that he had trouble sleeping all night! (seriously...he went to bed around 11pm and woke up around 5:30am)

Michael had a good idea of getting the class a little gift for end-of-the-year. Bubble wands for everyone!!! Green for the boys and pink for the girls!

Stay tuned for Gage's last t-ball game of the season and Corbin's last day of kindergarten!
(boo hoo)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mommy is a College Graduate!!!!

I finally graduated from college!!! Woo hoo!

We all headed to Splitsville to celebrate my big accomplishment with family!

The boys were super excited for the party!

I was excited about my well deserved drink! ;)

We got a private area and 2 lanes to bowl! One lane for the kiddos and the other for the adults. (fyi...I suck at bowling)

Me with my greatest accomplishments! :)

Corbin got a little bored with bowling after awhile. By the end of the party, he had two fat lips and a bloody nose after him and Lincoln rammed into each other.

Gagey celebrating after knocking pins down....I swear, the kid is better than me.

Slade was the only one that threw up at the party. ;)

The cake!



Seth had the MOST fun bowling...he lasted the entire time!

Impromptu pic. These never turn out. It didnt' help that 3 people were snapping pics at the same time.

I am such a nerd!!! I'm SUPER happy that college is finished...but stressed and anxious about the coming year, thanks to the lovely budget. (great time to get a teaching degree...ugh)

Thanks to everyone that helped me celebrate my big day!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One busy Saturday morning!

Last Saturday morning was REALLY a busy one for the Nicholson crew. First off (at 8am) we headed to Gage's t-ball game.

Sliding home!

Next up was Corbin's last soccer game of the season! (9am) Thank goodness Corbin and Gage both play at the same park or we would have difficulties. :)

Lil man played hard for his last game. We are proud of our lil Titan!

Slade came to watch Corbin's last game too. (Seth and Sarah too, of course.)

Corbin was lucky enough to play soccer with his good bud from school.

RIGHT after Corbin's soccer game, we raced over to Carter's birthday party! It was super cool because it was at a real fire station! The boys got to see the firestation, where the firefighters slept and even got to see inside the ambulance, fire truck and helicopter!

LOVE Gagey in this picture. The boys are in their uniforms since the party started at 10. :)

Carter's lil sister Abby in her (or Carter's) fire truck onesie! :) So cute....Erica is cute too. ;)

Hope you had a good birthday Carter!

Stay tuned for college graduation pics!!! Hopefully I won't forget my camera! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Being that I'm room mom in Corbin's class this year...and a sucky one at that since I've been unable to help her all year due to school...I went all out for teacher appreciation week!

Monday: Bring your teacher her favorite drink!!
I'm sure she has enough root beer to last her the rest of the year now...and I added root beer barrels (candy) to what Corbin brought her.

Tuesday: Bring your teacher her favorite candy! My first candy bouquet!! I was pretty proud of it and terrified it was going to fall apart!

This is a bucket I brought in for the specials teacher (speech therapist). Every class adopts a specials teacher to get stuff for. I took her basket to her today and it was filled with stuff from other kids in the class...thank goodness!

Wednesday: Bring a gently used or inexpensive book for classroom library. I also added a personalized notepad from Corbin...her all-time favorite student. ;) Thursday: Bring a giftcard to your teachers' favorite store. No pic here but Corbin got her a chick-fil-a card and other students did too...along with restaurants and GAP cards! :)

Friday: Bring your teacher flowers. Since my last day of student teaching was yesterday, I was able to go up to Corbin's school and have all the students make his teacher a little something extra too! The flowers (and bees) are their fingerprints.

I'm not a big fan of flowers...but isn't it pretty? The tulips and vase were from Corbin, but others were added after students started showing up. :)

I'm so relieved that teacher appreciation is over!! It's a lot of work!

Now I'm headed off to Denton for my senior luncheon....then grad day next weekend! Wa hoo!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Star of the Week!

Ok...so Corbin got "Star of the Week" at his school...a few weeks ago. I'm so slow at posting these days. Anyway, one of the perks of getting Star of the Week is that you (or your mom) gets to make a poster of pics of you, your family and your favorite things. We (or I) worked really hard on this poster! Isn't it precious?!? My baby is growing up way too fast. In another month, he'll be considered a 1st grader!!!!

I'm so proud of Mr. Corbin. He's done phenomenally this year in school. He's pretty much dubbed as the teachers' pet, he has the hearts of all the girls in his class and he went up 2 reading levels recently!!!!

Stay tuned for more...student teaching is done in 3 days!