Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goodbye School Year...Hello Summer!!!

 Okay...before summer officially begins...I want to reflect on the past year and I think I should probably do that because I have posted very very little. So here goes...

(A pre-summer visit to the Fairview Fountain)

Here is a picture of Corbin on his last day of 1st grade...and Gage on his last day of kindergarten. They look so grown up. :( With all the changes that happened this past year...the boys have handled it amazing! Love these boys and how much they've grown this past year.

We had the priviledge of having Mrs. Hall as a kindergarten teacher for the second year in a row!! Corbin loved her last year and I think Gage loved her even more this year!! It's hard to believe that both my babies are reading and writing now and we owe a lot of that to Mrs. Hall!!

Corbin's teacher this year was Mrs. Young. He had an absolute blast in her class this much so that Gage handpicked her for 1st grade next year!! Depending on mommy's work situation this next year, Gage just might get his wish...and mom would have no complaints! I had the priviledge of working with Mrs. Young and the other 1st grade teachers at Marion this year and they are an awesome group of people!!!

I've been really lucky this year in that I have been able to see the boys all during the day and even have them in PE at the same time a couple times. These kiddos may fight like cats and dogs at home...but they get along like "peas and carrots" at school...which warms my heart. Gage loved when Corbin would come "help" mom in the gym with his "HELP A TEACHER" tickets.

Speaking of PE...I have absolutely LOVED working with these ladies this year. I'm not going to lie...I was a little nervous when my principal called me and told me that I would be part-time in PE. Okay...really nervous, but I was lucky to meet some super special and lifelong friends in these 3 ladies and if new oppurtunities arise this summer...I am going to miss them SO SO MUCH!!! I had an absolute blast this year with them...and no matter what happens... "TEAM BOMBDIGGITY 4EVER!"

**I know the posts have been few and far between...but keep checking back! ***

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank Goodness for the iphone...

Hello! I almost never post on this blog anymore. I keep thinking I will do it and then never get around to it. :/ I have also been really horrible at getting my big camera out lately and taking pictures. I'm not going to lie. Things are busy around here. So...I thought I would send some of my iphone pics and tell everyone what's been happening with the boys. Above is a pic I took when Gage was out sick last week with a little bug. Dumb fever kept him out of school for two days...but it didn't stop him from playing with his motorcycles!

Corbin. I'm pretty sure this pic is pretty old...but it's super cute. ;) Corbin somehow missed the sickness...but barely I think. He had all the signs and symptoms of Gage's sickness...even before Gage did...but never a fever! I think it's the high immunity from all the times he was sick last year in kindergarten!

Gage's very first best friend moved away this last week. :( So, so sad. Our precious neighbor and her family moved to another state. They were the perfect little friends and Gage is really going to miss her. I'm going to miss her sweet little family too. It's tough on a 5 year old when someone he plays with almost every day is gone. Thank goodness for Facebook and Facetime!

On another sad note...we went to SuperCross recently and our most favorite racer was bad that he won't be back until 2013. Gage got all dressed up in his motorcyle gear and made some "crunchers" (crutches)...and said "LOOK MOM! I"M CHAD REED!"

Gage and I also got matching Chad Reed t-shirts at the race...will get a pic soon. ;)

We finally got around to getting library cards for the boys..their very own!!! They were so excited and can't wait for the next trip back to the library. I still have trouble with the fact that they can both read now! Proud mom!

Corbin started Jujitsu (sp?) this past month! He goes a couple times a week and is LOVING.IT!! He has a wonderful teacher and is learning all sorts of stuff! I am happy he's having fun and I think his teacher is fantastic. She's actually teaching me a few classroom management skills I can use. ;)

So...that's about it. Our last month or so in one blog entry! So sad.

Stay tuned...or at least check back in a couple weeks... ha!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Busy Bee's Final Visit

So...we had a classroom visitor last weekend. It was Gage's turn to bring his class mascot BUSY BEE home for a visit!! Gagey introduced Busy to his two pillow pet friends...SPOT and DOT.

Busy Bee got his own pallet for movie night. I think he really enjoyed the showing of Spy Kids 4.

The boys and Busy...hanging out.

Gage and Busy helped (well...watched) make dinner.

Busy had watched Gage paint the canvas to the left of him, so I thought it would be a good photo op for the classroom journal. ;)

Last year when Corbin had Busy for the weekend...we took Busy to the racetrack! This year I told Gage that it would be best if Busy and I hung out at home, so we snapped this pic before he left. (I was so paranoid last year that I would end up having to replace the pillow pet ;)]

These kinder kids REALLY like their classroom mascots! Doesn't Gage look proud? (even though he doesn't realize that Busy is facing the wrong direction?...that's ok. I didn't either.)

You can't tell from this pic, but I found some super cute stickers that actually said Busy Bee on I created a new classroom journal for Busy Bee! (I forgot to take a pic of the finished product!)

Anyway... it's kind of sad to think that Busy was here for the last time :( Corbin even played with him for a while and introduced him to his "Big Busy Bee". So sweet.

Until next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reasons Why I Stink at Posting...

#1: I don't know how to take an action shot picture...and these boys are NEVER still.

#2- They REFUSE to smile. I have to take surprise pics.

#3- The pictures turn out really goofy when they try to stop me from taking it. (fyi...Im pretty sure my shadow is mixed in with the pole next to me...I got a big laugh out of this pic!)

#4- They try to dodge out of the pic.

#5- The lighting is never right and I don't know how to work my camera. Even blurry though...this kid is pretty darn cute.

#6- The fake smile.

#7- The "get the camera out of my face" look.

#7- Action shot and camera dodge put together doesn't make for a good pic.

#8- Another bad action shot...but had to capture them being loving sweet brothers. ;)

#9- ALMOST got him this time.

#10- So many reasons to stop posting on this blog...but I'm going to try to hold out until the end of the year...or maybe summer. These kids are so dang cute I want to show them off a bit longer! :)

Until next time...and who knows when that might be. ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! Don't the boys look adorable in their matching Grinch jammies?!? They were pretty excited and actually allowed me to take a posed pic of them right before heading to bed on Christmas Eve! Gage fell asleep fairly quickly...but Corbin was awake until about 11-1130pm!

The boys set out Santas favorite...cookies and chocolate milk!

Here is the before picture. Don't you just love my lopsided tree? I could have cared less and I also had the boys put on 90% of the ornaments by themselves...and I didn't even care if they were jumbled together. ;)

This was the after about midnight. The kids were good this year!

Stockings! They each got a new ipod touch cover for their ipod touches! Gage has a Perry one (from Phineaus and Ferb) and Corbin got a Captain America one.

Santa drank all the milk and the funny guy only ate 1 cookie and put the other one back in the cookie container...he must have been already stuffed full of sweets!

Ok...I have some issues with elves/tinkertoy makers! PLASTIC tinker toys?!?! Are you friggin kidding me? They are super expensive and are suppose to be made out of WOOD!

Corbin and GAge got the new Wii game SkyLanders for Christmas! Corbin immediately became addicted. GAmmy was nice enough to give us her old TV. Since we didn't have a stand for it, I used our coffee table. The next day I tried to rearrange the toyroom to make room for a couch. (so they could sit comfortable while playing) and BAM CRASH BOOM!!!...I broke both the coffee table and TV.

This guy is copying what I did after breaking the coffee table and TV.

OH.MY. LEGOS! The lego contraption on the left took me a little less than 3 hours to make. The lego contraptions on the right...over 3 hours! I basically threatened the boys with their lives and told them they weren't allowed to break them. :)

Of course, Santa always has to bring some sort of craft. Gage's little people are on the left..Corbin's on the right.

Doctor Dreadful is...dreadful. This wasn't Santas dumbest present though...the dumbest one was the Erector sets. The boys were super happy with all their presents though and got so much more than I took pics of!

I'm such a slacker when it comes to pictures and posting lately. I was actually considering shutting down my little blog...until I got a sweet letter from one of my grandmas saying that she loves to look at it. :) I will try to post more...but can't make any promises! HA!

Until next time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving on Santa!

We are convinced that this Santa is the real deal! He is awesome! Gage asked him for the "Doggie Doo" game and Corbin said he wanted a popcorn machine. ;)

Lots of love all around...even Mommy got a hug and kiss from Santa. XOXOX

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Roller Baby!

The boys pulled out their roller skates for the first a VERY long time this weekend! They did a really good job not falling. (well...not falling hard anyway.)

Gage is the shadow in the background. He was too busy being social with the neighbor kids to take a picture.

Love these boys!