Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Last T-Ball Game...this year. :)

Saturday was the last t-ball game of the year, so we brought cupcakes for Gagey's team!! The cupcakes originally had Transformer rings on the top, but there is a girl on Gagey's team, so mommy got creative and put baseball gumballs on top instead!

Lil man in the dugout waiting his turn. I got a bunch of picture of Gagey on the field, but they turned out horrible thanks to the sun. I'm hoping the coach's wife sends me some that she took because they are way way better!

Corbin watching Gage's last game. (not really...he might have watched a couple minutes, but he liked playing I SPY with Gammy instead)

Gagey with his trophy!! He was pretty excited about that!

Yea RoughRiders!! Good season!

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