Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Fever

Mommies might get a little bit of baby fever when the time comes that their second baby is now riding bikes (and motorcycles) without training wheels. I start thinking about sweet baby Slade and how tiny he is and how Gage and Corbin will never be that tiny again. I think maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have another one...

then about two seconds later I think "Are you friggin nuts?!?! Do you NOT remember the colic and the million feedings and the crying and pooping everywhere???...not to mention the unbelievable deal you got on a tummy tuck!!!" ...and there it went. Baby fever moment over.

P.S. I'm super proud of Gage! He was up and riding in no time! If he falls, he just gets right back on. He's been riding just a week and is already popping wheelies and jumping curbs...which isn't shocking to anyone who knows Gage. BOTH boys are already wanting Santa to bring them new bigger bikes. Gage is also requesting that he gets a ramp...oh dear.

Until next time...

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