Thursday, September 24, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Seriously...what next? I have been so stressed out and overwhelmed since school began this semester...and then even more stressed out doing my first paper for a really hard class, only to be followed by another paper for another class right after that I forgot about until last minute. (only good thing about that is that it was writing my philosophy of ed for my portfolio which I had already done for a previous class and kept it, only having to make minor revisions)

Anyway, to my point of writing...I have two papers due this week, one that I had to turn in today before class...and I wake up this morning to find that my computer had crashed! I got my first real panic attack (hopefully my last one) and completely flipped my lid wondering how I was going to be able to rewrite a paper I wrote at least a year ago...and another one that took me a solid week to write! (and don't forget the being a boyMOM and soccer coach on top of that)

Michael came home super early to see what he could do...and saved the day! He got BOTH of my papers off the computer. (one was saved on the backup thingy that saves things every 2 days, but the paper I had wrote the night before wasn't on there...yet he found a way to get that one back to!!) I seriously don't know crap about computers, so I'm so happy that he knows so much! Crisis diverted about school. I didn't even think at the time either that EVERY picture since the operating room of my c-section with Corbin is on the computer...instead of a panic attack, I probably would have had a heart attack. Everything is fine though...thanks to that backup thingy.

As for the computer...and obscenely long blog post (sorry)...we have lost every program and everything that was on the computer. Until the situation gets fixed...I won't be able to post pics and things. :(

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Busy Weekend!

We had such a busy weekend! Saturday we started our soccer season...a week late due to rain, but it was an awesome first game!!! As a coach I was pretty happy with the a mom I was SUPER proud! My lil man made the first soccer goal and then continued making goal after goal. According to Michael, Corbin made 4 out of our 7 goals! ( I was way too busy screaming things like....wrong way! STOP! and Kick it!) We ended up winning our first game!! Considering I had a bunch of kids at practice that didnt' want to play soccer...I think that is an accomplishment! :) ...this is the shirt I made for game days for myself! There was no way I was going to wear a soccer jersey to match the boys. :)

Right after the game, we headed to Georgetown, TX for Michael's cousin, Kristi's, wedding. I was lazy and didn't want to bring my new I took just a couple pics with my old camera. Not that interesting...but here are a few pics from the wedding. If you are wondering what the kids are so amazed with...they ALL had went hunting for snails around the historical house of the wedding/reception. They were keeping them on a table and making a little (nasty) collection. Before we left the reception, Corbin said, "Mommy, my hands smell like poop." I guess snails stink and I guess that he thought I was just kidding when I told him not to touch them.

This picture explains how all the kids felt about me taking pictures. Notice I didn't get one of Gage looking at the camera. The ONLY one I got was extremely blurry, but he had the same expression that Corbin does in the above picture.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know that everyone tells me that long hair is in and I should grow the boys hair out...well I gave it a shot for a while and kept telling myself daily (while trying to control the massive bedhead) that eventually it would look just takes time. Yesterday Michael said that he was looking at older pictures and now thinks that the boys did look better with shorter hair and maybe we should get it cut. after feeling like a neglectful mother for what seems like forever(I'm sorry...but the boys looked like their mother didn't have the time to get them a decent haircut), I got to take them to get it cut!!!

Gagey was a champ and even offered to go first! In the above picture, his hair is only halfway done, but he's still happy with the shorter 'do, even if it looks like a chili bowl.
Me: "Gage, you have a chili bowl!"
Gage: "What's a 'cheely bowl?"
Me: "Just ask Uncle Joey next time you see him."


Corbin was the polar opposite of Gage. He looks like the lady is trying to kill him.

Gage's head looks a lot smaller without all the extra hair! Although his longer hair looked cute at usually resembled a little helmet...and sometimes after nap, it would morph to look something like a conehead...His hair is like his daddy's. (instead of looking just looks poofy-er)

Haircut lady: "Do you want me to make your hair like your brothers?"
Corbin: "No."
Haircut lady: "All finished! Doesn't your hair look cool?!"
Corbin: "I hate it."
Haircut lady: "You don't have to stick your hair up if you don't want to. It will look cool down you get to choose a lollipop!"

Finished...and has forgotten how much he hates his hair. Thank you Dum dum sucker!

So happy with the shorter hair! I kept contemplating about getting it cut or not, considering it's the cool style to have these days...I came to the conclusion that one day, I'm not always going to get to make these choices. When they get older...they will want to keep up with the matter how ridiculous I think they are. I don't want them to ever say things like "Remember when mom MADE me wear those dorky "insert whatever here". They are too young now to care about their dorky clothes and hairstyles. When they are a little will be a different story. They should never think back on a memory and only remember how humiliated they were by something their mom made them wear. For example, if a mom made her daughter wear pig-tails on a 6 Flags trip with 2 friends who got to wear pony-tails. ( I still love you mom!) Don't remember anything about that day...except that I was completely upset about my pig-tails.
Who knows if I will actually be able to let the boys make their own style decisions...I'm really going to try...just not yet!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seth is turning 2!

A rainy day didn't stop Seth's "Elmo" theme party today at his church! Of course I brought my camera and took a million pictures. Check Sarah's blog soon for more ...but I did want to share some of my favorites!

I wanted a smile from the birthday I put icing on his nose! It worked.

The ONLY child that would willingly look at the camera...and actually SMILE! Sweet Little Hannah.

Lil Gagey eating some cake. (I didn't mean to post this pic, but I'm too lazy to take it out...not one of my favorites...but Gage is cute...)

My absolute favorite pic of the bunch....(it doesn't really matter that he was chasing me down to smack me with the hula hoop...hey, anything for a good shot!)

Action shot! Corbin's soccer festivities were cancelled this weekend due to the rain. Stay tuned for the game next weekend.

Speaking of rain...Gage was checking it out during the party...and probably contemplating on how he could run out in it.

Corbin helping letting the air out of the bounce house.

Another favorite shot that I will never forget due to the disaster that followed right after this shot...(Seth + WAY WAY too much juice = ....) I'll let ya guess :)

on a side note...School was a disaster this week...but I'm hoping for a better one next week. I think I'm managing my time and schedule a little better hopefully I won't have any more panic attacks. Maybe I can blog a little more too...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I took the boys downtown today to snap a few shots and to get them out of the house for a few minutes! It was nice outside and a good chance to play with my camera a little! (especially after such a hectic and overwhelming first week back at school!)

L.O.V.E this one...Gagey is sneaking a peek at his reflection.

Corbin absolutely hates my new camera....can you tell?

Sweet baby.

This picture cracks me up! Look at Corbin's expression :)

This week, like every first week at TWU so far, has been hectic and has left me super exhausted. So far I seem to like all my teachers, and the classes all seem like they are going to be we'll see! It's going to be a busy semester!

Preschool for Corbin & Gage has been fine too. Gage gets upset when we drop him off, but 3 teachers have assured me that he does great after we leave. Corbin likes school. His biggest complaints, besides nap time, are "We don't get to play outside for very long!" or "we don't get to play with all the toys very long!" (The classes have schedules, like art time, play time, spanish, storytime, etc) He likes school, but not having to have a structured day. :) I think this will prepare him for the schedules of kindergarten and real school though! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Playing with Photoshop...

I'm no pro at it...but I figure practice makes here are some of my practice pics!

hee hee...this pic of Lincoln on the 4-wheeler was taken IN Lincolns house.

Corbin, Carter, and Gagey...before they ALL fell in the water.

Did something really small on this pic... :)

I have a lot of practicing to do...but I figure this was a good start! :)