Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punk'in Patch Kids!

Friday was field trip day, and where do you go on a field trip in October?? The Pumpkin Patch, of course!!! Above is Corbin with some of his buddies.

Kindergarten plays LOTS of games to keep them entertained!

On the hayride, the kids had to try to find Farmer Joe (Rick?)...anyway, they found him.

My lil pumpkin...with the pumpkin he picked out. He also picked out one for me to take home to Gagey.

Many kids (not my own) LOVE getting their picture taken!

Next was the petting zoo, where the kids got to feed the animals.

The tongue tickled! :)


Quite the ladies man!



Playin' in the hay!

"Sweet" Class Picture

"Silly" Class Picture

Me and my lil punk'in at our first (and possibly only) field trip together. Their next field trip is in the spring...and I'll be a student teacher then!!!
Overall, great time!! I thought I would go a little nutty with a bunch of lil ones, but they were a very well-behaved bunch!
Until next time...

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The Corpian's said...

If I didnt know Michael, and saw that pic of you two, Id say corbins looks like you! But I do, and he doesnt :)