Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank Goodness for the iphone...

Hello! I almost never post on this blog anymore. I keep thinking I will do it and then never get around to it. :/ I have also been really horrible at getting my big camera out lately and taking pictures. I'm not going to lie. Things are busy around here. So...I thought I would send some of my iphone pics and tell everyone what's been happening with the boys. Above is a pic I took when Gage was out sick last week with a little bug. Dumb fever kept him out of school for two days...but it didn't stop him from playing with his motorcycles!

Corbin. I'm pretty sure this pic is pretty old...but it's super cute. ;) Corbin somehow missed the sickness...but barely I think. He had all the signs and symptoms of Gage's sickness...even before Gage did...but never a fever! I think it's the high immunity from all the times he was sick last year in kindergarten!

Gage's very first best friend moved away this last week. :( So, so sad. Our precious neighbor and her family moved to another state. They were the perfect little friends and Gage is really going to miss her. I'm going to miss her sweet little family too. It's tough on a 5 year old when someone he plays with almost every day is gone. Thank goodness for Facebook and Facetime!

On another sad note...we went to SuperCross recently and our most favorite racer was injured...so bad that he won't be back until 2013. Gage got all dressed up in his motorcyle gear and made some "crunchers" (crutches)...and said "LOOK MOM! I"M CHAD REED!"

Gage and I also got matching Chad Reed t-shirts at the race...will get a pic soon. ;)

We finally got around to getting library cards for the boys..their very own!!! They were so excited and can't wait for the next trip back to the library. I still have trouble with the fact that they can both read now! Proud mom!

Corbin started Jujitsu (sp?) this past month! He goes a couple times a week and is LOVING.IT!! He has a wonderful teacher and is learning all sorts of stuff! I am happy he's having fun and I think his teacher is fantastic. She's actually teaching me a few classroom management skills I can use. ;)

So...that's about it. Our last month or so in one blog entry! So sad.

Stay tuned...or at least check back in a couple weeks... ha!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Busy Bee's Final Visit

So...we had a classroom visitor last weekend. It was Gage's turn to bring his class mascot BUSY BEE home for a visit!! Gagey introduced Busy to his two pillow pet friends...SPOT and DOT.

Busy Bee got his own pallet for movie night. I think he really enjoyed the showing of Spy Kids 4.

The boys and Busy...hanging out.

Gage and Busy helped (well...watched) make dinner.

Busy had watched Gage paint the canvas to the left of him, so I thought it would be a good photo op for the classroom journal. ;)

Last year when Corbin had Busy for the weekend...we took Busy to the racetrack! This year I told Gage that it would be best if Busy and I hung out at home, so we snapped this pic before he left. (I was so paranoid last year that I would end up having to replace the pillow pet ;)]

These kinder kids REALLY like their classroom mascots! Doesn't Gage look proud? (even though he doesn't realize that Busy is facing the wrong direction?...that's ok. I didn't either.)

You can't tell from this pic, but I found some super cute stickers that actually said Busy Bee on them...so I created a new classroom journal for Busy Bee! (I forgot to take a pic of the finished product!)

Anyway... it's kind of sad to think that Busy was here for the last time :( Corbin even played with him for a while and introduced him to his "Big Busy Bee". So sweet.

Until next time...