Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Joey!

Today is Uncle Joey's birthday and here is some old pictures to remind him of how old he is getting. :) This is Joey and Gagey. (I was also in the pic but I cropped myself out because I looked hideous and in pain...)

Easter time in 2005....Joey, Michelle and Corbin. :)

Happy 29th Uncle Joey!! We love you!! XOXOX

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shots of our Spring Break...

Friday I took the boys by Collin Creek Mall on the way home from lunch with daddy to play! Corbin wasn't really in the picture taking mood. (I think I may have even bribed him with a cookie)

After the mall..the weather started feeling a lot nicer, so we headed to Celebration Park. Here is VERY SLEEPY Gagey climbing on the new rope contraption they just installed. I don't see how they figure this new thing is safe....I can already see the injury's in the paper... :)

Saturday night we met Joey, Michelle and Lincoln at Gattitown in Frisco. Here the boys are playing some miniature bowling!

Gagey giving Linc-a-doo some kisses....Lincoln was trying desperately to share his drooly crust with Gage.

Lincoln loved the horsie!!
Overall, we had a good spring it's back to school for mommy! It's going to be pretty busy around here until the end of the semester....ick. Anyway, hope everyone had a good break!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We found a new park!

When driving around today we found a park in Mckinney that we haven't been to and I asked the boys if they wanted to stop. I think it's called Gabe Nesbitt Park and obviously from the picture, its a baseball field complex...the boys had a blast and I actually got them to pose for a picture in front of one of the many baseballs around the park! :) I think this is going to be a park we go to more often now!
(FYI....SafetyTown in Frisco is only for kids Kindergarten-5th grade...even though the website and the receptionist that I called before going there said it was for all ages...We went to check it out and only got a lousy "tour". Boys were pretty disappointed when we had to leave...they "frown upon" kids just coming to play at the facility. "It's a learning facility" they told me....which is fine...but why can't ALL kids learn about fire safety and get to experience the SafetyTown?)
**Can you tell that they upset me today?? :)**

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Zoo Crew!

Today the boys and I headed out to meet some friends at the Ft. Worth Zoo! Erica & her gang, and Chelsi & her gang. As you scroll through the pictures, you'll notice that I got very few pictures of eye contact with the camera...these were some very busy boys the whole trip!!! Speaking of busy....DON'T GO TO THE ZOO DURING SPRING BREAK...unless you love mass chaos. ;)

My grumpy lil man....Gage took a minute or so to warm up.

Lunchtime....Gagey taking some slurps of powerade and Emma munching on Cheetos. (Notice how I said Emma...This could possibly be Ella, but I see no bird poop on her dress or bandaids so I may be right on this one!) Yes...poor Ella got pooped on during lunch by a did our stroller.

Sweet Corbin and Carson....such good little buddies

Sandbox time! Carson, Corbin and Gage during one of their calmer moments. :)

Lil' Crocodile Hunter

Poor Caden...he looks completely miserable in this picture, but I wanted to add it because I wanted to let his mommy see how hard he was trying to smile for the picture. (Erica..I think you have to enlarge it to actually see his expression) Anyway, for anyone who doesn't know my good friend, Erica's, first born son...he's the one holding Gagey.

Zoo Crew (from left to right):
Carter, Emma, Clint, Colt, Ella, Caden, Gage & Corbin. Carson is behind the Zoo Crew with his hands in the air...funny boy!

The zoo trip was fun for the kids and completely exhausting for the adults.....overall a good start to our spring break! Thanks for inviting us~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Day Activities!

Since going outside was out of the question today...mommy decided that busy work was the best way to go! First, we painted suncatchers, even though there was no sun in the sky! (If you're wondering about the no shirt thing...the paint said it would stain clothes!)

Corbin chose a monkey...he's very serious about his painting!

Gagey chose a dog...he was very seriously making me nervous...this wasn't washable paint!

Next we created sun visors (or "golf hats like Mimi" according to Gage and Corbin)...again, there was no sun in the sky...I guess we were just wishful thinking!

Corbin's finished product....

Gagey's finished product... I LOVE this pic for some reason. :)

Sethie wasn't here today to join in on the fun...but we got him a hat anyway. He can decorate his after spring break!
Mommy is on spring break now, but even though she has TONS of homework to do..we'll still do some fun things! Stay tuned...

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Bet You Didn't Know...

...that candie (Reeses Pieces) make good imaginary cars! Gagey decided that instead of eating his candy...he would play with it! This probably kept him entertained for at least an hour this weekend.

He took a moment out of playtime to "cheese" for the camera.

I think this is what you would call a traffic jam.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Striking a pose at Finch Park.

"Mom...I can't see..the sun is in my eyes!"


(Gagey...look at the camera!)

(Corbin...look at the camera....UGH!)

Reading his library book about trains...

Reading his library book about saying "PLEASE".
(Corbin & Gagey love getting books at the library.
Mo Willems is an author of some very good children's books...if anyone wants to check them out!! Very cute stories, and after only one time of me reading them...the boys can usually "read" it themselves)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Typical Tuesday with Toot #1, Toot #2 & Toot #3

Toot #1 leading Toot#2 & Toot #3 in a jam session!

Toot #1 can't say cheese and smile for the camera....Silly boy.

Toot #3. ...all was quiet in the playroom so I knew something was up...Toot #3 was sitting IN the block box and Toot #2 was trapping him in. (Toot #3 didn't seem to mind.)

Toot #2 was moving ALL the furniture in the playroom to one side. (Looks like toot#3 got a little nervous and decided to get the heck out of there!)

Toot #2.

You gotta love "The 3 Toots"!!! I call them toots for many reasons. Usually it's just adding the toot part to the end of their name...Sethie-toot, Torby-toot, and Gagey-toot. The numbering system is a way for Michael and I to talk about the boys without them knowing it. :) I also call them toots because about 85% of the day...they are being one!! :)