Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Go Golfing...or try to

Since the boys all got their own golf clubs for Christmas this year from Mimi and Pop, we decided to head out to TopGolf to test them out!

Unfortunately, this was the ONLY smile we saw out of Slade all night. Poor baby.

Corbin hitting the ball.

Seth's turn.

Gage watching his ball roll.

Then it was time for putt-putt. I think the boys had more fun looking (and playing) in all the water and running through the courses than actually playing the game...which was fine because I was more than ready to go home! :)

The boys all had a blast (except Mr. Slade) but I think the person who had the best time of all was Michael. He got on some leader board thing (18th out of 100 or something) and was VERY proud of himself. So out! ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas was a huge success this year! Above is what the boys woke up to Christmas morning! (yes, I know it's symmetrical...Santa is articulate(or slightly OCD) in our house!)
If you look closely you can see the letter from Santa saying that there were 2 extra presents in the garage...BICYCLES!

The biggest hit wasn't anything Santa was the presents from Mom and Dad ! iPod Touches! They asked Santa for Nintendo DS's, but we thought that they would get a lot more games and ones that can be easily downloaded too. :) Plus, Gage had been asking for an "I-Patch" for at least 9 our decision between the two was simple.

Gage (and Corbin) both got Paper Jamz guitars...AC/DC ones too! I don't really understand why they are so popular...but the boys sure do look cute playing them!

Corbin?....Gage?....hello!?.... Yes, it has been a little quieter around here.

Around lunchtime, we headed over to Joey, Lincoln, and Michelle's house for a late Christmas lunch!

Joey (and Winnie) checked out Gage's new iPod.

Lincoln with his Iron Man glove on. He takes Iron Man very seriously. :)

Corbin had some fun with Lincoln's new Nerf gun. It was a battery-powered one, so all you had to do was shoot! (and we all got shot multiple times by all the boys)

Lunch! Corbin's favorite part was the rolls! (definitely his momma's son)

Lincoln got Corbin some spy stuff!! Pretty cool!

We got Lincoln some matchbox cars and race set thing. He really liked it too!

The only pic I got of Gammy's gifts to the boys. SuperHero Squad playsets!

Eating some dessert! Yum!!

It has been a wonderful Christmas vacation so far!! Now it's time to rest up and get ready for school to start back up...then student teaching!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Night (Day) Before Christmas...

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Mimi and Pop's for a late lunch.

Here is Gage, Pop and Slade hanging out before our mexican food lunch!

Gage decided to do his own hair. I think he kinda looks like one of those Bakugan brawlers.

Lil Man Slade was full of smiles...

...he even got a picture with his favorite aunt!

Mimi and Pop had just gotten back from Jamaica and brought home some shirts and souvenirs for all the boys...Seth and Gage showed off their shirts.

Slade had plenty to look at...and seemed to enjoy the craziness from his brother and cousins! (like he has a choice!)

The 4 Primos! (that is "cousins" in Spanish) :)

hey...I'm trying to stay with the "spanish" theme, since that is what we had for lunch! :)

Notice how my boys are looking at me and Seth and Slade are looking at their mommy? Pretty good picture either way though!

Seth was pretty excited about the game the boys got him.

Gage was really excited about the game that Seth and Slade got him! :)

Corbin LOVES science, so this present was a big hit!

Slade didn't give a flip about the present we got him...maybe one day. ;)

Mimi and Pop got Corbin, Gage and Seth some golf clubs for Christmas! Top we come!

The boys' got Pop some new (cooler) jeans for Christmas. They think (by they, I mean Michael) he needs to get a little more stylish.

Mimi got a necklace that says "Mimi" on one circle, "Seth, Slade" on another circle, "Corbin, Gage" on another circle and "Dakota, Blane" on another circle...hard to explain and this is the best pic I got. :)

Corbin with his cousin, Slade. Great picture!

Overall, Christmas Eve was a big success and everyone was happy with their gifts!

Stay tuned for the Christmas Day post!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday in the Park!!!

Yesterday, we headed over to Arlington to go to 6 Flags...aka Holiday in the Park! This was the boys' first time and it was the perfect day to go. (80 degree weather in December!) Thanks Mimi for giving us the tickets! We met up with Michelle, Joey, Ryan, Marissa and Lincoln. Our first ride was the "Cave" ride and this was by far Lincoln's favorite! (the boys liked it too!)

Here is Gage waiting in line at either the mini-mine train (which he loved) or the mine train. (which he called "stupid")

Sweet boys waiting patiently for some food. :) FYI...if you ever go to Six Flags with my brother...don't let him pick the dinner place. (gross)

Looney Tune Land was a fun place...especially for me, Marissa and Michelle. :)

Although we rode most of the rides with the kids, Michelle was the lucky one that got to go on this ride!

We had some down time waiting for Joey, Ryan and Michael to get off a "big kid" roller coaster, so the boys showed Lincoln how to misbehave a little. :)

Gagey dancing around like he always does.

I thought this was going to be a good picture, but it turned out blurry thanks to my piece of crap camera.

Silly Corbin.

Gagey is so sweet with his cousins. Gage and Seth had their arms around each other at Gaylord, he's always gentle with Slade, and at 6 flags, he was holding Lincoln's hand. :) So cute!

Waiting in lines was a lot less hectic than I thought it would be. These boys aren't known for their patience. :) Even lil Lincoln did well.

Corbin on the carousel.

Gage on the carousel.

Lincoln on the carousel...funny guy.

The lights were really pretty at the park...many were set to music.

5 hours later...we were ready to go home!! I can't believe I actually got a picture of both of them looking at the camera. Too bad Corbin looks a little psycho!
We had so much fun on our first trip to 6-flags! The boys didn't whine and complain (until the very end) and everyone had lots of laughs and had fun!!!
Stay tuned for Christmas festivities!