Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Bunny?....No problem!

I don't know if you remember, but two years ago the Easter picture included Corbin, Gage and mommy, because Gagey flipped out and didn't want anything to do with the bunny. Last year, Corbin was all by his lonesome sitting in the picture...as I was trying to catch Gage as he fled from the bunny. I had every right to be nervous this year...but didn't have to be!! Both boys were super excited and practically running to the area where the bunny was sitting. About 100 yards away...they slowed way down and got a little nervous. I panicked and immediately made it seem like we were in a hurry to beat the line and sat them right up next to Mr. (Mrs?) Easter Bunny, and said "get the pic quick!"

So neither of them smiled that great...and look a little nervous...but who cares!!! BOTH my boys are in the picture and MOMMY IS NOT!!! Awesome picture if you ask me!

FYI...I won't be sending out Easter cards this year...way way way way too busy. :(
For all the grandparents, aunts and uncles out there...we have some wallets if you want them of this pic.

I will attempt some pictures on Easter Day...so expect those this weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Joey! & I am such a slacker!

Old picture...but it's late...and I don't have any recent pics of Joey with Corbin and/or Gage so this will have to do!! Happy 30th Birthday little brother...and congrats on the promotion. (I added that because it's recent news and because he's wearing his friggin discount tire outfit in the pic!)

For whatever reason, I feel like I never take pictures or post anything anymore! Then I look through the archives...and it really isn't that bad. Hmmm...no pics but here is an update!

1. found out I made the dean's list...again. :)

2. Failed a math test...very very badly...is going to try hard not to give the teacher the bird the whole classtime tomorrow. (seriously...class average was a 64...and there were many questions that were never taught...)

3. custoMOM is super super super busy...but having a blast! :)

4. Corbin is addicted to Super Mario Bros on Wii. He plays the Wii game and also makes up make-believe games for him and Gage to play and makes up stories about characters in the game and which one of us is a certain character...even the dumb dog.

5. Gage is almost always designated as Luigi.

6. I still hate the dumb dog.

There you go!! Next time I will have some new pics and a better post...hopefully. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Triple Trouble!

Today we headed out to Lincoln's neck of the woods for some bounce house fun!! It was mass hysteria, but the boys seemed to have fun! Corbin took off to find his own size friends, of course!

Gagey was a little nervous at first when the mass amount of kids that showed up (daycare)...but he changed his mind after a bit...you'll see why in a minute.

Lil Lincoln was just happy to be hanging out with Gage and Gage! ;) (and Nawna, of course!)

...a little helicopter ride.

...and a massive amount of dancing on a dance floor with a bubble machine above.

Little Lincoln getting his groove on...or slipping and falling because of the bubble soap all over the floor. (look at the kid next to Lincoln...hee hee.)

Now here is where Gage decided he was no longer nervous anymore. A Taylor Swift song came on and a group of girls took the stage thinking they were the one and only Taylor Swift! Gage was mesmerized...

Corbin found a little friend too...who looks like a girl, but he wasn't really playing with the girl...just the brother of the girl. He needs to explain this because Mr. Corbin is "ANTI-GIRL" and this mommy hopes he stays that way until he's 18. :)

Until next time...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday = RACE DAY!

Saturday afternoon we headed out for daddy's flattrack races! The boys L.O.V.E going to the races! It's loud, dirty, outside, and there are kids to play with...what more could you ask for if you were a little boy?!?!

What a Goofball! I have no idea what he is climbing on or how toxic it is...but it made for a cute picture! What is it with moms taking pics of kids doing something that could possibly be dangerous, instead of demanding they stop at once? Afterwords, instead of shrieking...get off that stuff!..I said, "you might want to get down Corbin before that spills..."

Gage watching the 4-wheeler races with Mimi. Lil man asked me every 5 minutes if he could go race...I think custoMOM should make me a shirt that says..."NO RACING GAGE!" so whenever he learns to read...(because he'll still be asking then I'm sure)...my shirt can answer for me!

This lil girl is a pal of Corbin & Gage's at the racetrack. I don't like to mention other people's kids names on blogs if I don't know them well...but I will say she has the same name that I was going to use if Corbin was a girl! She loved lil miss star!
*FYI...Star isn't a fan of the motorcycles...typical girl. :)

Corbin and his lil friend talking about who knows what...

Pop, either watching Michael fly around the track, or remembering the time he wiped out at that very same corner...

Last time I tried to take pics of Michael, I stood behind a big fence...which made the pics look horrid. This time...I got up close. This pic isn't zoomed in...I was standing right next to the guys waiting to take their practice laps around the track. I felt really stupid and still didn't get that great of shots...my lens isn't the best for these sort of pics.

I wanted to see how good my camera was and see how it would look if the boys through dirt toward me...I wanted to see how much of the dirt came through on the pic...I'm going to leave the photography hobby aside for now and focus on the crafts...

Gage had way too much fun throwing dirt at mom. (what do you think about the dirt track suit with the golf glove look?)

Chasing girls already....Oh boy.

I thought this was too cute. These kids are watching the other kids race. I removed my kids immediately when the big guys came out on the track though.

Michael was about to go out to practice and I snapped this pic of him and his mechanic...aka Pop.

Sethie came to watch Uncle Michael for the first time! Apparently he was super excited until they pulled up to the track and rolled the window down...then decided it was "too loud" and told his mommy to "turn it down!" Aunt Shawna to the rescue with some ear muffs! Crisis over.
Fun times at the track...and I'm sure it' s not my last post about racing days!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Park Pics...again

Nothing too exciting to post...but since it's been a week since the last one, I figured something was better than nothing. custoMOM had to meet up with a customer this afternoon to deliver some (super cute) orders and since we were going to be so close to Seth's house, we invited them along! The boys love this park...so much so that they wouldn't look at the camera. (like they ever do!)
Seth was really excited to see Corbin and Gage...can't tell by this pic, but he really was!

My boys!! Gage was watching me resize these photos and whenever he saw a picture of himself he said, " There's your baby, Mommy!" So sweet & true!

There's my baby, Gagey!

The ONLY pic of a kiddo looking at me! Thanks Sethie-toot!

Corbin, of course, immediately found friends and started playing hide-n-seek. The little girl told him to count to 100...and after he got to 19, he went to find them. Close enough...right?

I was on the other end of this see-saw, teeter-todder contraption...my butt still hurts.
We are headed to the racetrack this weekend and Gammy's house, so I'm hoping to catch some more pictures of kids not looking at the camera...stay tuned!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

So much going on this past weekend...and not near enough pictures to show for it. Our weekend started off on Friday when we met up with Chelsi and Carter. custoMOM had some orders to give to Chelsi (which you can check out here ) and what better place to meet then at the park! Here is Corbin, Carter and Gage playing with a girl!

Lincoln, Joey and Michelle decided to meet up with us too!

Such a sad...but super proud moment for mommy! Corbin is officially riding his bike on 2 wheels! :( Super proud of him, but so sad that he is getting so big. I mean...him going to school this year is going to be hard enough!

Star either hating life or loving it...who knows

The BIGGEST treat this weekend...we had a sleepover with Mr. Lincoln!!! He joined us at the motocross races Saturday night...then stayed the night!! I was one happy Aunt Nawna!

When we got home from the races, the boys of course were super dirty. (except Lincoln because he wouldn't walk in the mud(which was only dirt...but 1 year olds don't know that) Although I'm incredibly sore on half my body...I'd do it all over again! Gage was passed out, so Lincoln and Corbin took a bath...so much fun...and wet...and what Lincoln would call a "MESS", but well worth it!
Stay tuned!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Paris Hilton...

Dear Paris,
I kinda feel bad for thinking you were a nit-wit to actually dress your animals in clothing. I can now see that your animals are like your babies, and since you don't have any babies, you are treating your lil dogs like humans. For example, a boyMOM with no baby girl in her future might want to take advantage of having a girl puppy dog....just sayin', I kinda understand now.

P.S. If you know where you can get bows for dogs with short hair....can you let me know?

(the pig ear was a tactic to get her to stand still)