Monday, June 28, 2010


Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.
-unknown author

Saturday morning started out with a visit from Seth and a game of fishing!

Then Saturday ended with an overnight visit from Lincoln, and some outdoor fun!

(I added this pic of my precious boys because there are very few times I can get a picture of them together.)

Fun times were had by all!
Until next time...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day @ The Bass Pro Shop!

No...we didn't really go to Bass Pro Shop because Michael wanted to on Father's Day. Michael was meeting up with someone who bought a motorcycle from him and he picked this place to meet him at...which was great, because the boys got to see some pretty cool stuff!!

Here they are in the horrible heat, checking out the fish pond outside...the really cool thing about this place was that it was right on the lake...

Now they are checking out the fish inside.

The Mother of all Catfish...this thing was HUGE! (you will notice the boys have sonic cups in almost every picture...I told them if they wanted a drink from Sonic, they were required to carry it the whole time until it was empty or they were done drinking it. :) )

itty bitty Corbin next to a gigantic stuffed bear. (pics suck thanks to the old crappy camera)

Sweet boys.

Sick of me by this time. I was trying to get a decent pic of both of them together...just didn't work. Oh well...maybe next time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


On Friday night, we headed over to a new place that, by the end of the night, Gage had said it was his "save-rit" (aka favorite)... We had dinner at The Purple Cow.

We, of course, ate outside because of the massive splash pad behind the restaurant! Here is Corbin dodging one of the many spouts of water...

Gagey and Sethie-toot hung out together almost the whole night.

Sethie's shorts were super cute...even when he was showing a lil plumber crack. ;)

Gagey eating some of his purple cow burger...yum!

...have no clue what is so funny.

Here Sarah is trying to get Seth to look at my camera by saying "Seth...don't look at Aunt Shawna." didn't work. (Look at Sarah's belly! I'm going to be a boyAUNT of 6 soon!)


Look at Seth...he was about to run before I took the picture...lil stinker.

Rolling around in the coolest grass ever...because it's fake!!

Seth playing in the water right before the interactive light show!

Gagey doing the same...

Corbin eating some "cream" before the show!

Aunt Sarah, Seth, Gage and Corbin all watching the really cool light show at the end of the night! Both boys asked me if we could go back again at least 5 times before we even left! This place was a big hit and a lot of we will be back! Thanks Aunt Sarah for telling us about it!!
Until next time...

Monday, June 14, 2010


Being a boyMOM means that you get stuck doing a lot of boy things. For was finally time for me to "go fishing". I put that in quotations because what I did was watched the boys go fishing while I caught up on my school reading for the summer. (it's neverending people!) Anyway, first we headed out to the lake to a spot Michael seemed to think was perfect for fishing. He went to this spot about 10 years ago with my little brother and figured times hadn't changed.
I don't know what is causing Corbin to stand this way...oh yeah...the unstable rocks on the huge hill we were sitting on...

A few minutes after getting to that "perfect" spot, Michael decided that it wasn't that perfect, so we headed back towards the truck which was parked approximately 10 miles away. Fyi...don't wear flip flops when hurts. Above is Gage, tired of walking. Notice I was the tail end of the walk back...I was not a happy camper with my 3 bags and flip flops...I had also tore a little hole in my skirt.

The dam. The boys LOVED that they could call it by its name.

See that little red dot? That's Corbin. Not only did we have to walk up this hill on the way to the most "perfect" spot...we also had to walk (practically fall) down this hill.

Here is Gage after the long walk..."mommy...I'm tired of walking". Ditto kid.

Super cute kid happy to be back at the truck!

yep...another super cute kid!

The most brilliant place to a pond in a community!!!

hee hee...I snapped this picture right as Corbin was wiping out....chasing ducks after we told them not to.

Gagey showing me some bait... (ew...just noticed my disgusting foot in the pic...flip flops people! bad idea!!)

The only catch of the night!!! Yea Corbin!!!
Obviously fishing wasn't the best for this boyMOM, but I enjoyed watching the boys! By the next morning, they had temperatures of 101 and Mr. Seth's strep glad they got to have a little fun beforehand!
Until next time...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BOYS & their TOYS!

Everyone who knows me knows my stance on the boys racing competitively, but riding just for fun around a field under the careful watchful eye of daddy...that's ok!! The boys love riding their little motorcycles...and although we have 4 little dirtbikes in the garage at the moment...only one would fit into the truck! We headed over to the field that I coached Corbin's soccer team on and off they went!!

What?!? Gage had a little trouble listening to daddy and his instructions. Imagine that. (fyi...don't look at their clothes. Daddy told them to put pants and shoes on, so no matching happened! Gage has his cowboy boots on.)

Look at the seriousness Mr. Gage has...he told Michael to make the motorcycle faster.

Corbin waiting for his turn...

Gage ticked off that his turn was over. (and mommy snapping away to capture the moment)

Most my pictures of Corbin suck...but I thought this one was pretty cute. Lil man (or should I say big man) was on 2 wheels and actually rides the motorcycle better than a regular bicycle! Awesome!

Super cute and sweaty from the ride.

Super cute and his t-shirt is super true...the ladies do love you...especially this lady.
Fun times.
SUMMER SCHOOL WEEK #1 was a success. I'm really really tired, but I like my reading class and although I'm a little nervous about the pace and having to teach a student in summer school, I think it's going to be a good experience. My other class...literary criticism...enough said.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Super Fun (super long) Saturday!

Since Corbin had a little bit of a stomach bug on Friday morning, we decided that it was best to wait for our first trip to Hawaiian Falls on Saturday! I was really not wanting to go on a weekend...but it really wasn't that SUCCESS! We had a blast!! I took my old I have no clue why the pictures are so hazy...probably the 100 degree temperature!

So...while we were in the wave 5 year old told me "stop following me!" Umm...I wasn't expecting this for at least a few more years. He is so independent and I gave him about 10 feet of room in the wave pool to be independent. Wave pools are nerve-racking for moms...but I figure with a huge tube and life-jacket...that 10 feet of room was okay. :)

Mommy had a monster of a headache by this time, so I told them to take a break and bribed them with the "little balls" ice cream.

After the waterpark...and a nice long nap...we headed out to Sherman to watch the flattrack races. Michael didn't race, so we went as (stress-free) spectators! normally, I don't share horrible pics of myself...but I couldn't stop laughing when Corbin had taken this pic. (Gage was eating a blue ring pop, if you are wondering why he looks like a smurf) Right before Corbin snapped this picture, Gage had started to sing Usher's "OH MY GOD" song. Friggin funny...especially after I saw the look on his face... starts for me tomorrow and it's going to be a month filled with lots of early mornings and trips to Denton. Wish me luck!!! I'm taking 2 that I think I will like and the other looks dreadfully boring. So...if there are no posts in the coming month, just follow my facebook updates...there is always enough time for facebook updates. :)