Sunday, August 29, 2010

The (Corbin's) First Week of School...

I don't know if I told everyone, but Corbin has to be at school by 7:45am every morning! This means that from now on, starting this week...I have to have Corbin, myself and Gage ready and out of the house by 7:20am at the latest! Cross your fingers that happens. :)
Anyway, immediately after dropping Corbin off this week, and since his school doesn't start til after Labor Day...Gage immediately wants to be entertained. Friday morning at 8am...I had the bounce house in the front yard. (Lots of drawing and games have been played during the week also) I sort of feel sorry for the mommies who only have one child. :) Gage meets his teachers' on Friday, with school starting on Wednesday of next week.
Corbin walked out of school on Friday in this t-shirt! :) Class of 2023...He also wanted to show off the picture he colored of his dog, Star. This first week was a rollercoaster for Corbin. He was bounced around between the kindergarten teachers, and from what I can tell, wasn't on a schedule...until Thursday. Thursday and Friday he got to spend the day with his favorite teacher, and on those two days only, did he come out at the end of the day with a smile (Thanks Mrs. H!) . We also found out on Friday that his favorite teacher will be his permanent homeroom teacher for the rest of the year! He is really excited! (and mommy is too!)
I will be driving to Denton five times this week (round-trip), so expect more posts next week...maybe. :) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Nicholson Boy Update

Just thought I'd give everyone a little update on how this week is going!

Gage had his 4 year well visit this morning...which means he got 4 shots!!! He's 51th percentile for height and the 65th percentile for weight! The doctor called him "solid." He passed his vision test and had a little bit of trouble during the hearing, so we have to go get it rechecked in a few weeks. (It could have something to do with his current congestion issues.) He passed all other tests with flying colors! :)

Corbin is on Day #3 with school, and has been doing really good in the morning, but when picking him up he looks miserable. I think it's because he's exhausted, but he says that kindergarten is "boring." I think it will get better next week when he has his permanent homeroom teacher. (crossing my fingers!)

Since it was super nice out today...I had taken the boys to the are a few of my favorites! (below)

Next week I start school! Here's hoping to a good last semester! (well...before student teaching)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Day...

Our morning started out at 6am. Corbin shot right up and was ready to go to school. I had told him, since it was the first day, we could get donuts. He chose Race Trac gas station donuts. (sigh)

He wanted to pose.

We got to the school a little before opening time, so I took this picture in front. I wasn't alone. Every parent from every grade level was taking turns taking this same picture. Lil man was nervous, but excited.

Kindergarten meets altogether at the same time in the morning. Unbelievable amount of chaos. We took this picture real quick and then went into the mostly empty hallways to do a potty break and take a couple pics.

Corbin in front of his classroom. Mrs. Hall is his current teacher, but this could possibly change at the end of the week. They move the kids around for the first week and will assess the best possible class for each student. I will know Friday for sure who his teacher will be.

Waiting in the room with the million other kindergarteners and the 2 million parents snapping pics, taking video footage and waving madly from across the room. By this time, Corbin started freaking out a bit. The teachers ran behind (first day stuff) and he was in the room a tad too long. He got upset when it was time for goodbyes. (Mommy got upset too...but I waited to break down in the hallway.)

I was wanting to pick up Corbin as soon as we got home and after that, I checked my watch every 20 minutes, wondering if he was okay. When it was time for pickup, which was a complete mess, he was upset again because I took too long to get him. (Not my fault...I was literally stuck in traffic...elementary school traffic.) Corbin told me school was boring except for PE and lunch...and when I said tomorrow would probably be better...he said, "I have to go back tomorrow?" Going to be lots of fun getting him up now. ;) Here's hoping to tomorrow is fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vision Problems

My eyesight may be going bad. This is the little boy that everyone else see's going to kindergarten...
...but this (below) is the little boy that I see going to kindergarten.

Mama is going to be a gigantic mess on Monday.

Stay tuned for the pics. I already warned Corbin that there will be around 100 pictures taken.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hawaiian Falls...Season Finale

For my birthday this year, Michael got me and the boys season passes to the waterpark, Hawaiian Falls. We went ALL.THE.TIME...probably 2 times a week most weeks since it opened. Well, this week was the last week that it would be open for the weekdays, so we went to the park for (probably) the last time this season. It was PACKED!

We got there a little earlier than usual and had to wait in a long line. The boys hung around...literally.

Since Uncle Joey was off work, we got to bring Lincoln to the waterpark too! (Aunt Michelle had appointments :( )

Like I said...they were literally hanging around while waiting for the gates to open.

My little kindergarten-er. (I know...probably not a word, but who cares) I still can't believe my baby is going to be going to school in a few short days.

This is the sign for the area the boys most like at this waterpark. Splashwater Harbor is a pool area. Their favorite area is just a regular pool..with no waves or slides...sigh.

They most like the pool area because they can go underwater and do "tricks" and things. They usually take turns and you usually just hear things like "Watch this..." and "I can do that too!"

Lincoln tried to do everything the boys did. It was pretty funny too. :)

I don't remember what was going on here...but it looks like a collision of showing tricks. Sometimes they would get sick of watching each other and would go at the same time.
Overall, we had an AWESOME summer and I think the season passes had a lot to do with it! I'm thinking I wouldn't at all be upset if I got the same birthday present next year! (hint hint)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To the BEACH!

About a month ago, Corbin mentioned to Michael that he wanted to go fishing in the ocean, so we decided, before school started that we would take a mini-vacation to Galveston! We left on Wednesday and got there right after lunch. We were out of the hotel within 15 minutes of getting there and heading across the street to the beach!!

When driving up and seeing the ocean, Gage said "Look! The waves are on!" He then continued to call it a "wave pool" for most of the trip. :) After getting salt water in their eyes and mouths, the boys opted for the hotel pool for most of our vacation.

Later that night, we grabbed a pizza and went fishing. Here is Corbin with his net to try to catch crab. (no such luck)

Gagey all ready to catch whatever came at him! :)

Here is the lone fish...a baby catfish that Corbin caught. It was ticked and drew blood on Michael.

Gage lasted about 10 minutes fishing, so mommy took him to the beach to wade in the water.

UGH....UGH...UGH. The next morning, at the butt crack of dawn, we headed to a boat to go bay fishing for 4 HOURS!!! The boys got bored fairly quickly, mommy was incredibly seasick the whole time and Michael caught one flippin catfish. This adventure is now on the top of my list of "Things I will NEVER do again"

Here is the reason I went bay fishing though...precious boy.

Corbin checking out the dolphins.

The boys loved watching all the huge boats and ships when our boat was heading to and from the fishing sites.

At about this point, I was very very happy to be getting off this effing boat. Our pier we were docked at wasn't too far away from the cruise ship in this picture.

Since I was still feeling kinda icky (2 hours) after the boat ride, I decided that seafood would be ok for lunch. Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE seafood. I was good by the time we ordered though so I got a sandwich that had this awesome orange bread with poppy seeds on it. Don't know what it was but it was YUM YUM! The boys and Michael had some fish and chips. :)

We ate on the patio at Fish Tales and had an amazing view of the beach.

Gagey wanted a picture of him with the beach, but instead I got him with the hotel in the background that was still messed up from Hurricane Ike damage.

Standing in front of the restaurant at a little boat sandbox.

At about 4:30pm, when it was still super hot out, we decided to rent a bike to ride around on. Michael and I were peddlers and the boys got to sit in the very front. We were completely exhausted and dripping with sweat after about 10 minutes, and then found out that Michael forgot to take off the emergency break. We were rolling after that and lasted about 45 minutes of our 1 1/2 hour rental. :)

Dinner, of course, was at the Rainforest Cafe! Michael and I got a couple of (well-deserved) margaritas while we waited for our seats.

Picture opportunities were everywhere around this place, so here are the two best pictures!

We left Friday morning, and were in Madisonville by lunch, so we stopped at Buc-ee's for some food, gas and bathroom breaks! This place was so cute and had the nicest bathrooms I have ever been in.

We got home and I was so excited that we were all out of that little hotel room and everyone was going to be in their own bedrooms that night...then our air conditioning went out and we all had to stay in one bedroom around a portable a/c unit. Oh well! Michael was able to fix it by Saturday afternoon!

Fun times!!! Now it's time to get Corbin all ready and organized for kindergarten next week. :(

Stay tuned...

Monday, August 9, 2010


Year 1: Now...I'm not going to lie. That first year was a rough one. I was once again, hugely pregnant, and on August 10, 2006 you entered the world and the birth was traumatic to say the least. Then at 4 months old, mommy had surgery and couldn't hold you for two weeks and then at 6 months, mommy decided to go back to school. It was a busy year, and although I was guilty most of that first year, and worried you wouldn't be a mama's all turned out fantastic! :)

Year 2: You are 150% boy! You love all things that go, mainly motorcycles and love doing anything and everything you can outside or in the garage with daddy. Corbin, at this age, was still a mama's boy, but you...were shifting towards daddy.

Year 3: About the same as year 2, but I notice that you are a lot more different than your older brother. You are laid-back, most of the time, you are silly and you still love all the same things. You did deal a lot with separation anxiety this past year, and mommy is hoping beyond hope that you will do better this next year. You love playing with Corbin and will do almost anything he says to get him to continue playing with you. You're an unbelievable sweetheart and you melt mommies heart when ya'll play well together!

I can't wait to see what new things I learn about you and from you this year. Currently, you love the song's "OMG" by Usher, and I can almost always hear you singing the country song " don't treat me no good anymore". You are also practicing learning the "dougie" dance and I absolutely LOVE watching you do it. You are the most kind-hearted snuggle bunny a mommy could ask for. Happy Birthday Gagey-Pagey Puddin' Lover!

I love you more than you'll ever know!