Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Day (week)!

A little late in posting this but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it through my first week of student teaching!!!

My first day was pretty simple because my cooperating teacher was out, so I basically watched the substitute teacher and got the tour and things from her. (which was kinda cool because she was a student teacher the previous semester)

My second day was my first day and it went pretty good!! By the end of my first week, I had taught parts of a couple classes and looking forward to teaching a little more every week!!!

I'll try to post as often as possible...but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty busy the next 104 days!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Do Lunch!

Okay...I must admit it. I am a BLOG ADDICT! I love reading blogs of all sorts. I started off just reading friends and family blogs, then I stalked some other mommy blogs, then ventured off to creative blogs of all sorts!!!! There is a flippin' blog for everything and I LOVE them all!!
Anyway, on one of the mommy blogs I stalk, I saw that she had this lunchbox for her kiddo and HAD TO HAVE IT for the boys!! I figure its a good present too for Gage since he's going to a new school and Corbin is going to an afterschool program. :)

Are these not completely adorable!?!? My boys decorated them themselves...I think they get their creativity from their mom. ;)

They even have drink containers inside and separate compartments!! Super cool!

Gage wasn't having it when I wanted a pic of them with their new surprise presents...

...but after a lot of begging and pleading!! Love it!
I have found blogs too that have their whole sites dedicated to pictures of different lunch ideas just for these kind of lunchboxes!!! (more than one blog too...these people are serious about their lunches!!! )
Here's to hoping I have time to be that creative with the boys lunches. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days & Cold Days Projects!!

The snowfall came down hard this last weekend, so since snow doesn't last long around here...we took full advantage and played in the snow!! I didn't get many pictures because it kept drizzling. I wasn't willing to ruin my camera!

A look down the street. This was the day after the first snowfall. (aka the day after we slid into the ditch due to the ice and snowfall)

Gage didn't want his picture taken, so I was lucky to get a couple of Corbin.

Since it was so cold, the boys had to get creative with all the indoor play time. I walked into the playroom a couple days ago...and saw this. Gage informed me that he was playing "Home Depot."

Since the Home Depot game didn't last that long...we also decided to create some art...or jewelry. :) I went to my favorite place, Hobby Lobby, and got a dog tag jewelry kit for kids.

We made A LOT of dog tag jewelry!!!

Gage didn't know I was taking a picture of him and the necklace. :)

Until next time...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gage's Lil' Obsession

A few days ago, we watched Seth and Slade while Shawn and Sarah went and saw a movie. Boy oh boy!!! Gage was excited about "Baby Slade" coming over. He talks about Slade at least 10 times a day and always wants to go over to Seth's to hold him. I think he feels really big that he can hold him on his own too. :)

It's funny too how long he'll hold him considering Gage usually can't sit still!!! Even funnier is that Slade is usually perfectly content to just sit there! Super cute. Gage mentions that he wants a baby like Slade...I'm looking for a doll now that looks similar. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011= One EXCITING Year!

May 2011: I will become a college graduate!!! I am so so so excited about this one. I also recently found out that I'm graduating with honors! (Cum Laude or Magna Cum laude...depending on what GPA they use) I have worked my bootie off the past 4 years and cannot wait to walk (or dance) across that stage!

Corbin will graduate kindergarten this year...his first year at school, then move on to being a 1st grader! He's the perfect little student and I'm sure he'll continue to be.

Gage starts full-time pre-k this February! Although we haven't decided yet on what we will do in the fall...he will either be starting private kindergarten or maybe even going to regular kindergarten where Corbin goes to school. We'll have to see when the time comes! :)

I will also (hopefully) become a working mom!!! I REALLY hope I get my own classroom in the year 2011!!! Cross your fingers!
Happy New Year!!!