Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Things to Look Forward to in 2010!

#1: This is my final year of actual academics...this time next year I'll be a student teacher! This is going to be a hard year for school...but it's exciting because it's starting to feel like there is an end!
#2: Six years of marriage this month!

#3 & #4: Two very special boys share my birthday! My age doesn't matter, but Mr. Stinker-tot(Lincoln) will turn 2 this year and Mr. Dakota will turn 8! I always look forward to celebrating birthdays! (well other people's birthdays) ;)

#5: Our first family trip to Wisconsin will be this summer. This will be the first time many of my relatives will meet my boys!

#6: My precious baby boy will turn 4 this year...can't say I'm really looking forward to him getting older, but that just means he's healthy and growing...which I'm happy about! :)

#7: Another special party to look forward to...Sethie-toot turns 3 this year!

#8 & #9: Corbin will turn 6 this year &...go to kindergarten! Excited about #8 but absolutely dreading (#9)the first day of kindergarten...I'm going to be a mess!

#10: Another special lil man, Blane will turn 5 this year.
So many birthday parties to look forward to...and I didn't even count all the friends' birthday parties! (Fun!) Hoping 2010 is a great year for everyone!!
XOXOX, Shawna

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the New Members of the Family!

(from left to right): Num nums, Mr. Squiggles, Chunk and Patches

Num nums is the explorer...and sort of reminds me of the boys...she NEVER stops moving! Unlike the boys though...she has an OFF button! :)

Mr. Squiggles cruising in his brand new ride!

Chunk, according to the website, is the laid-back surfer hamster...until he gets on his surfboard...then this guy rips around like the rest of them!

Patches with one of her owners. In actuality though, Gage is the owner of Patches and Mr. Squiggles and Corbin is the owner of Num nums and Chunk. Let's just say they are co-owners!

Patches in her exercise ball...which I only added to vent about the stupid exercise ball...the thing is a piece of junk (the ball, not the hamsters) Falls apart very easily and the hamsters can't run well in it. :(

The hamsters' digs: They have an exercise(wheel)room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and garage. Pretty nice!
Santa was so smart in getting these pets for the boys!! They are a big hit, and you don't even have to clean up after them! Thanks Santa!!
FYI Aunt Sarah...these too can get caught in hair, so please be careful! (hee hee)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day...Finally!

This is what the boys woke up to this morning! Santa thought they were really good this year! Corbin & Gage got pretty much everything on their list plus some! So far, they haven't remembered the couple things that were left off. They are happy campers!

After opening presents, Michael took the boys out to enjoy the little snow we got before it was gone. Corbin liked throwing snow balls...
...and Gagey liked to shovel!

I decided not to take pics while they were opening presents from Santa this year because when I did last year, I was so busy taking pics, I couldn't really watch them open them and see their reactions..if that makes any sense. I promise to take some in the coming days so everyone can see more of their loot! :) Above is Gagey in his Transformer costume! (can't remember if he's making a mean Transformer face, or if he's ticked I made him take a picture)
Here is Corbin dressed in his Bakugan costume.

After naptime, it was time for the Corpian Family Christmas. Corbin & Gage opened presents the minute Michelle, Joey and Lincoln showed up with them! Corbin was happy he got his Bop It! ...
...and Gage was super excited about his Uno MOO! game. This game was listed on both their Santa lists and Corbin has now said that he's going to put his name on it when Gage isn't looking. I think we played it 20 times tonight!

Lincoln opened his presents from us not really giving a hoot about them. He opened the first one, a Mickey Mouse ClubHouse DVD and set it on the floor...the second present was a Clipo Creativity table and you can tell by this pic that he has no clue what it is. He did play with it quite a bit though once I got it out! :)

Here all 3 boys are playing with Corbin & Gagey's gifts from Gammy...Playschool Pyramid for Corbin and a Playschool Castle for Gage.

Lincoln decided to sit inside Gage's castle and play for a while. So cute! Two seconds after I took this pic (of course) Lincoln looked at me and yelled "CHEESE!"

Corbin & Uncle Jared playing Mario Kart. Uncle Jared and Corbin played together most of the night! Thanks Uncle Jared!

Overall, the boys had a great Christmas! Mommy is super tired, but I'm so relieved that Corbin and Gage loved all their presents...even the one from Mommy and Daddy that mommy found out about right before bed last night...Red Ryder BB Guns (and safety glasses)! I had a "no guns until they are at least 14 rule" but I guess daddy thought that it didn't apply to BB guns.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nicholson/Moody Family Christmas

Tonight was the Nicholson Family Christmas at the Moody household. Fun times were had by all. We had a Mexican dinner this year again... Yummy tamales and enchiladas. This will also be a Christmas to remember thanks to Aunt Shawna's gift to Seth! (You'll see why at the end of the post)
This was at the beginning of the night. Gage pushed Seth and Seth pushed back causing Gage to bonk his head. Mimi came to the rescue, but Seth was already trying to make Gagey feel better.

Next the boys all played hide and seek with Pop. Here they are hiding from Corbin.

Pop had some connections and was able to get Santa Claus himself to call the boys up from Pop's cell phone! When Pop told the boys who was on the phone, Gage immediately yelled "I love you Santa!" They had quite a big conversation with Santa.

After dinner it was time for presents. Gagey was pretty excited about his Trio building blocks from Mimi and Pop and also loved his Scribble and Write from Sarah.

The picture I took of Corbin opening his Wii Mario Kart was awful, so here is one of him and Gage playing his new game from Mimi & Pop. Immediately after this game, he played his Cars game (Leapster) from Aunt Sarah.

Sethie got a Finding Nemo DVD from us and also I got him a hamster in a ball. This isn't a Zhu Zhu pet, but it got awesome reviews on the internet, so I got it! One of the reviews I read actually said that the hamster was a hit, but to be careful because it can get caught in hair...This is when this Christmas became one that won't be forgotten...LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO AUNT SARAH!!

Yep, Seth tried to make the hamster run through mommy's hair and it immediately got caught! Sarah is laughing in case you are wondering, but Seth and Gage thought she was crying and immediately got freaked out! She cried out "HELP Shawna!" to me but I was laughing so hard I couldn't get it Shawn and Mimi took over! Hilarious.

P.S. I need to get to much to do and I'm sitting here blogging! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Tomorrow is Santa and the Corpian Family Christmas, so I'll be posting more soon! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Visit with "The Big Guy"

The boys did awesome this year when visiting and talking with Santa. Last year we waited at least an hour in line, so this year we skipped the madness and went on a weekday! We were third in line. As you can see from the pic above, the boys were a little nervous, but they did manage to tell Santa that they wanted a "helicoptor" (Corbin) and "rollerskates" (Gage). Santa was super sweet, like always, and told the boys that he was going to try real hard to get the "special" stuff on their lists! (Thanks Santa!)

Is this pic not hilarious?!? I think Gage is trying to look tough or serious!

Afterward seeing Santa, Corbin told me "That wasn't too bad." I guess he was nervous that Santa would put him on the naughty list. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

The boys like to play "wrestle" all the time. Since I have been too busy to post...I thought I'd share this recent wrestling match...not the best picture quality...but they will have to do! :)

School is almost over this hopefully I can post more often!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ornaments & Angels

I could never have one of those HGTV Christmas trees...because I really really love making homemade Christmas ornaments...and the boys even love them more! We made some ornaments yesterday that I thought I would share! (Although I helped quite a bit on the angels...the boys pretty much did the trees on their own.)

Speaking of of my favorites came over for a visit! photogenic is this kid?!?! (excuse the horrible lighting...ugh)
He LOVES playing with the boys and can now say GAGE...even though it sounds a little more like "DAY-JUH" So sweet. Every time I tried to get him to say Shawna....
Me: "Lincoln...(pointing at myself)...say Shawna"
Lincoln: ....(nothing)
Me: Say Shawna!
Lincoln: "ha ha ha ha ha"

It's a work in progress...