Friday, July 31, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Last night, we went to our FIRST baseball game as a family, The Frisco Roughriders! The boys had a lot of fun. Of course, we were in such a hurry to get out the door that I forgot my camera so I didn't get a chance to document the actual game....these pictures post game will just have to do! We were invited by and got to visit with a few friends at the game, so maybe I can get some pictures from them to show everyone at a later date. :)

The boys loved their baseball caps they got from the game. Here they are for a little post-game snack before a much-needed bedtime! They had a lot of fun running around with Carson and Carter!

Gagey was really excited to be able to watch the baseball players "kick the ball around". Can you tell we don't watch a whole lot of sports in our household?

The whole night was a lot of fun. (wish I would have had the camera!) Very family-oriented ballpark and we hope to go back another day! :)
Until next time...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is 4 Too Young for a Sleepover?

Considering these boys started their friendship from the womb...I think not!!

(excuse the quality of the above picture...its a pic of a pic)

Right when we got to the house...they all immediately sat down with a book!!! I was thinking that this could be a pretty peaceful night...

I was wrong!! Although I wouldn't call the night peaceful by any means...they played awesome together. There were hardly any tears or accidents (except for a picture frame...but there is always glue) :)

Now...accidents did begin to happen when I had the bright idea to pull the gator out. Lincoln stopped by for a visit and I KNEW he would find the gator a big hit, so we headed off to the elementary school park. Here is a pic of Corbin, Linc, and Carson. (Gage had just fell out the back of the gator and decided being held to the park was the better option)

After Carson had quadruple flipped off the back of the gator without shedding a tear...Gage gave it another shot. (**Carson was fine...just a little scrape to the's didn't deter him from getting back on)

Man...the belly shot above is about 5 years from this shot....BOY HOW THEY'VE GROWN!

After the filthy park, it was bathtime!

I made them all sleep on a pallet on the floor because I was afraid of injuries occuring in the bunk beds overnight. I let them fall asleep watching SpiderMan 3.
Overall it was a great time and they all behaved perfect!!

I bet you can guess what I get to do now?? :)
Happy Birthday Ms. Erica!! I hope your 31st was a good one! XOXOX

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spending a Friday with Cousins

Today was a fun-filled day among cousins. First we headed over towards Joey and Michelle's house to visit with Lincoln. After that, we went to a really cool McDonald's in Little Elm for lunch. The play area was set up like a huge pirate ship! Fun times!

Corbin enjoying some nuggets.

Gagey came over to watch Lincoln eat his first happy meal!

Sweet Gage. (yep...I was up in the jungle gym helping Lincoln out!)


Me, Lincoln, Corbin and Gage would make a train going down the slide....of course I could only take a picture of the boys. :)

Gagey enjoying our favorite food at dippers!

After nap and the gym, we headed to Watters Creek in Allen for dinner with Shawn, Sarah, and Seth! There was a live band and running room for the kids!

Can you find Corbin and Gage?

Mr. Mischief

Coolin' off in the creek

Watching the band...

Corbin. (have no clue what Gage was the duck a kiss?)

Crazy boy...

Mr. Seth had a fascination with my purse the whole he is putting on my (glitter) lipgloss.

me and my sweet(grumpy)boy!
Fun times! Until next time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Part 3 of Summertime Playgroup

Today was the 3rd playgroup of the summer for us, so we met our friends up at Celebration Park to splash around and have some fun.

Lincoln definitly wasn't going to get a sunburn with his abundance of sunblock on. (that stuff was super thick and would not rub in!)

Gagey taking a little snack can tell by his face how hot it was out today.

Corbin was a little upset that his good friend Carson wasn't able to make it today...but he still had fun on the splashpad playing with other kids!

"Stinker" was not camera shy at all!

Emma...or Ella.
AFter the park, we headed over to ChickfilA for some ice cream and playtime. Yum.
We had fun with all our friends and are looking forward to next time!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fever + Rain= Lazy Day

Sweet pic of lil Gagey during a "calm" moment...because we all know that Gagey isn't known for his calm demeanor. Anyway, since Corbin had a fever all weekend, we spent most of the time at home. Gammy had a good idea to get them some Lite Brites to keep them entertained. Gage was very patient to finish his picture and I got the finished result on capture his proud moment. While Gage was busy...being Gage..Corbin watched some movies and "vegged" out on the couch most of the weekend. While they were busy, I decided to start a project of my own.

I tried to organize the boys' movie collection...and this isn't even all of them!! I even put them in categories: 1st row is Disney/Pixar, 2nd row is Dreamworks, 3rd row is kid movies that are neither Disney or Dreamworks and the remaining are "ALL BOY" movies. Examples would be the Spiderman Trilogy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, and all the Star Wars. I're all impressed with my organization skills, or you might think that my almost 3 and 5 year old children have too big of a movie collection for their ages...

Either way...I figured I would document the organization, because I'm 100% sure it won't look like this in the next week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lil Swimmers!

For the past couple weeks, Corbin & Gagey have been in swim lessons...their first time since they were born. Mommy always waited way too late to try to sign them up...and the swim classes would always be full! This year...I finally got them in!

Hanging out before class started.

Oh....Gage. He DID NOT make swim lessons easy these past couple weeks. He was a couple months too young for Corbin's class, so we had to do a "mommy & me" class. Seriously bad idea! He yelled at me everytime I tried to make him do something.

Corbin on the other hand was a little fish!!! He is doing awesome in his swim class and LOVES every minute of it! He actually tells me every day after class that he thinks the classes are too short! (LOVE this pic...he just noticed that his daddy came to watch him swim today!)

Mr. Steve teaching Corbin something. Corbin has two swim teachers in his class...but he only talks about Mr. Steve. (I think the other teacher is just someone who makes sure kids don't drown while Mr. Steve teaches)

Gage gave up on his class today (or mommy got tired of getting yelled at) so he's watching Corbin from the sidelines. Here he's yelling at me about something....ugh.

Gage wading in the water telling me "I not going under!!!"

Corbin practicing jumping feet first into shallow water.

I'm so proud of BOTH my boys! Corbin isn't afraid of getting water in his face anymore and is loving going under water now! Gage can "monkey crawl" on the side of the pool like a champ and loved singing all the songs that the teachers made US sing. (MOTORBOAT, MOTORBOAT...step on the gas!!) Tomorrow is our last day of class...and although Corbin will be sad...Mommy and Gage will be celebrating!!
Here is to next year and getting to watch BOTH boys from the sidelines! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"After-Park" Hair

Who needs hair product when you can use plain ol' sweat!?!