Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's a family tradition. Every year we go to Aunt Sarah's on Halloween night. The boys got to hang out with their cousin Seth, and their newest cousin, Slade!

Big Brother an Lil Brother on their 1st Halloween together!

Slade was NOT.HAVING.IT. I don't think it was the mass chaos in the house or the costume that set him off...but that mama had to put him down for his picture. He looked super cute though!!

Sethie-toot was a football player this year!...although some of us think he might make a better cheerleader ;) or drill team member! I personally loved the little eye thingy's under his eyes. Super duper cute!

One of the very few pics of Mr. Gage. He decided that he was going to take off like a lightning bolt and leave everyone else in the dust! He loaded up on candy. :)

Corbin had lots of fun going house to house this year.

Here is a pick of most of the kids we trick-or-treated with this year. (minus Gage, because like I said, he left us eating his dust)

Luigi having tons of fun! Houses always give out better candy than stores. :)

Gage had to play detective to see why there was screaming coming from the bushes. He located the speaker. Both Gage and Corbin did a lot better this year with the scary stuff.

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to hand out candy. They waited patiently for the next trick-or-treater, and then loaded them up! (I don't think they listened to us when we told them 2 pieces each)

In true Slade fashion...he slept through most of the festivities, but looked adorable doing it. :)
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


We continued our tradition Friday night by going downtown, aka "Scare in the Square" and letting the boys and Lincoln go trick-or-treating!!! This year with everyone going to school and the highway being shut down, momentarily, we were almost late...but we made it and the boys had a blast!!

Lincoln didn't really know what was going to happen when we got there, so he was pretty amazed when perfect strangers started putting candy in his bucket. He tried super hard to keep his bucket as empty as possible though by eating all the candy on our walk through downtown. :)

We always try to get there right when it starts because the lines can get pretty long. The boys all did really good though and liked seeing all the costumes.

Iron Man getting some more loot! (look at that grin...)

Mario and his smeared mustache.

Luigi with his crooked mustache. (it is REALLY hard to draw on kids faces!)

Tony Stark himself. Lincoln was pretty sure that he WAS Iron Man for the good part of the day...until he figured out he couldn't fly.

Cute! Cute! Cute! The best (and only) picture of all 3 boys and I had to run ahead and sneak a picture.

Lots of candy and lots of fun!! Tomorrow we will be trick or treating with Seth and Slade! Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

EW....Pumpkin Guts!

Better late than never...tonight the boys and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween! This was the first year that BOTH boys would participate in the getting rid of the pumpkin guts...without utensils!!!

Of course, every other word was "EEEWWWW!"

Showing the guts and seeds.

Finished pumpkin! I did the carving, of course, and I didn't carve crooked. The last pumpkins at Walmart were not in the best shape. :)
(Just in case you are wondering...Corbin's socks are mis-matched on purpose. It was "Mis-match day" at school.)

Such cute lil pumpkins. (even the crooked one in the middle!)
Stay tuned for Halloween posts! There will be two! We have trick or treatin' tomorrow and Sunday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Partytime! with Dr. Gage Nicholson, M.D.

Today was Gage's preschool Halloween party! Since I was too nervous that he would mess up his real Halloween costume, he got to pick another one out that would be for school!

This is the reason for my lack of pictures. His schools let parents go trick or treating with the lil ones before the party and Gage would not let go of my hand. Everyone LOVED his lil costume. They went to the multiple offices in the church to get candy.

Even the maintenance guy got in on the action!! (oh yeah...Go RANGERS!!!)

I'm about to go pick lil man up from school and I bet he had a great day and has a lot more candy to bring home! We will be trick or treating again on Friday and then yet again on Sunday! Fun times and TONS of sugar!! (insert sarcasm here....woo.hoo)
Stay tuned for BOTH boys in their costumes! Super cuteness coming up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punk'in Patch Kids!

Friday was field trip day, and where do you go on a field trip in October?? The Pumpkin Patch, of course!!! Above is Corbin with some of his buddies.

Kindergarten plays LOTS of games to keep them entertained!

On the hayride, the kids had to try to find Farmer Joe (Rick?)...anyway, they found him.

My lil pumpkin...with the pumpkin he picked out. He also picked out one for me to take home to Gagey.

Many kids (not my own) LOVE getting their picture taken!

Next was the petting zoo, where the kids got to feed the animals.

The tongue tickled! :)


Quite the ladies man!



Playin' in the hay!

"Sweet" Class Picture

"Silly" Class Picture

Me and my lil punk'in at our first (and possibly only) field trip together. Their next field trip is in the spring...and I'll be a student teacher then!!!
Overall, great time!! I thought I would go a little nutty with a bunch of lil ones, but they were a very well-behaved bunch!
Until next time...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Fever

Mommies might get a little bit of baby fever when the time comes that their second baby is now riding bikes (and motorcycles) without training wheels. I start thinking about sweet baby Slade and how tiny he is and how Gage and Corbin will never be that tiny again. I think maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have another one...

then about two seconds later I think "Are you friggin nuts?!?! Do you NOT remember the colic and the million feedings and the crying and pooping everywhere???...not to mention the unbelievable deal you got on a tummy tuck!!!" ...and there it went. Baby fever moment over.

P.S. I'm super proud of Gage! He was up and riding in no time! If he falls, he just gets right back on. He's been riding just a week and is already popping wheelies and jumping curbs...which isn't shocking to anyone who knows Gage. BOTH boys are already wanting Santa to bring them new bigger bikes. Gage is also requesting that he gets a ramp...oh dear.

Until next time...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harry Potter Party!!!

What a great birthday!! Yesterday, as you all know, Corbin turned 6 years old, and he celebrated today with a birthday party at PumpItUp...with a theme of Harry Potter! (one of me and Corbin's favorites!) He had lots of friends show up, both old and new! Everyone had a blast!!!
Above is a few of the friends that showed up...but there were more!
The birthday boy in his Harry Potter shirt with his lil bro and cousin, Seth!




Already looking sweaty. I have over 100 pics of the event, but feel weird posting other peoples kids...except the normal ones I always post ;)

Here is Carter, Gage, Emma and/or Ella having a serious conversation.

Corbin had tons of friends come to his birthday and they were all wanting ALL of Corbin to play with! Lil man is pretty popular!

Birthday buddies. The ONLY time of year that they see each other twice in one week. :)

With 20 kids and parents at the party...I think I saw Sethie-toot about 5 times...but he seemed to be having lots of fun!

Okay...Corbin loves cookie cake, so I got a big Harry Potter one. Then, I panicked thinking there wouldnt' be enough so I got Transformer cupcakes for extra. Practically every kid wanted the cupcakes leaving us with TONS of cookie to bring home!! Fine by me...but my pants won't fit by the end of the week! :)

Happy Birthday!!!

Lincoln, Gage and every other kid there was pretty thirsty after bouncing around for 80 minutes!

Carter. Carter's daddy brought him this year and I'm pretty impressed the poor guy lasted the whole party...not only that...He got Corbin (by himself) a super cool gift!! Good Job Kris!

Our lil man made us so proud today. He is such a good kid and so kind to all of his friends. This day was super special to him (and us) and we are so glad all his good friends could make it.

Corbin and Gage with some of the loot!

For favors this year, I made labels that say "Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans" from Harry Potter and put Jelly Belly's in the containers. Big hit...and most of them are yummy too! (except buttered popcorn. ew...I did see some half chewed ones all over the floor of the party room too!)
THANK YOU EVERYONE & A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my not-so-little baby!! Mommy loves you!