Saturday, February 28, 2009


Gage and I went out shopping today and he saw an umbrella and insisted on getting it. I don't really know why, but as soon as we got them home (of course, Corbin would need one too) they started singing and dancing around the house with them...I guess they saw them on TV or something...I don't know. All was well until....

Anyone who knows Gagey should have seen this coming. Daddy is going to try to fix it...but we may be investing in another umbrella soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"P" is for Parks and Picture-Taking...

No one can start a day full of fun without a little snack first...

~First...we went to Celebration Park to play!

Corbin on the see saw...I was on the other side bouncing him.

2 out of 3 looking at the camera is a major accomplishment!

Gagey on the motorcycle(and Seth waiting for me to put him on the horse)

Wee!...and yes..I ALMOST got kicked in the face. :)

Sethie cracking up!

I think Gage was saying "whoa"

Here the boys are thinking about their next move...

~After Celebration park...we ran through Wendy's and took our lunch to the "duck"park in Mckinney and had a lunch picnic.

Sweet boys holding hands...

Gagey-pagey is a little nervous sitting in the tree.

Sethie-toot striking a pose!

King Corbin
You can't really read it, but his shirt says:
3 Things I'm good at:
1. Being cute
2. Being in CHARGE
3. Being a Trouble-maker.
(I think the shirt was specifically made for him)

Sweet brothers

By this time...they were all sick and tired of pictures....
But they had a blast! Thank goodness for good weather! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy start to our weekend...

Gage Thomas

Corbin Michael

Friday night we brought over pizza to Joey and Michelle's since this was the last weekend in their first home...

Here is a picture of my precious nephew in front of the paintings I did for his first bedroom.

Lincoln and his daddy.

Gagey in Joey's shoes and Corbin in Michelle's.

After lunch on Saturday was our friend, Hannah's 3rd birthday party!

Corbin getting ready for some yummy cake!

Gagey played with Hannah's baby dolls...even though he looks like he's strangling this one.

They played a Dora version of "pin the tail on the donkey."

Gage playing the bean bag game at Hannahs.

After the party...we went to the mall!

So excited about the horsie ride~

TWO Cute!

I think this picture was taken during the 10th trip to the bathroom. :)
It's 9:15pm on Saturday night and although I should probably study or clean or something...I'm going to take a shower and get into bed. It's been a long day, but the boys had a blast!!
Happy Birthday Hannah! Thanks for inviting us!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Review of our Week

Lincoln....Aunt Shawna is very sad that you won't be a couple miles away anymore. Please don't forget her or your favorite cousins! We love you and will miss you!(even though you'll only be in The Colony)

Lincoln came by this week to play for a bit. It's probably the eyes...but Gage and Lincoln look a lot alike in this picture.

Corbin and Gage love playing in Seth's playpen. Lately they have been trying to put anything and everything in it. Goofballs!


Gagey has been really enjoying playing with his babies lately. Last night he asked Michael if they could sleep with him. I thought it would just be an oppurtunity for him to play and not go to sleep...but here is how I found him before going to bed myself. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday GIRL-friends!

Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it's also Emma and Ella's 3rd birthday!! This is the only shot I got of both girls together. Emma is the one with the pink bow in her hair...hee hee. (Obviously I have no clue which one is which)

Gagey playing the "parachute" game! Big fun!

Seriously...can Corbin look any more like his daddy?

This picture cracks me up! They(Corbin, Carson, Gagey) are laying back on the bounce floor because it was being aired up....Gage is fully relaxed and kicking back with his feet crossed...having no idea that they are about to get up and jump!

Cake time...YUM!

Carson and Corbin haven't seen each other since October...but no one would have ever known it! They are very good buddies!
The boys had a BLAST today! Happy Birthday Emma and Ella! I took many more pics but most of them didn't turn out well...too many action-filled blurry shots!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gettin' in the Valentine Spirit!

The kiddos and I have been celebrating Valentines Day all week. Since they don't go to any school to celebrate and do activities...I did some with them all week and they LOVED it!

Here is a week's worth of arts and crafts to celebrate the holiday!

We baked cookies this morning...just in time for snack! :)

We blew up a billion balloons to throw and bounce around!

Seth is the only one that dressed the part. :)

After cookies, we headed to the Allen Shopping Center playground to burn off our sugar rush!
Here is Corbin peering out of one of the miniature house windows!

Gagey running through the grassy maze! Big hit with the boys!

After the park...we headed to Wendy's for lunch!
Fun-filled and energy-filled week! Hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alarm Mischief

The leader of the alarm mischief. :)
I was hiding in the doorway watching this happen...Sethie would go over to the alarm clock and somehow figured out which button was the radio...

...when the music blared, Gagey ran over to turn it off before I came in to see the mischief. Obviously from the above picture...Sethie thought this was hilarious...

When they couldn't figure out exactly how to turn it off...Gagey decided he might as well just dance to the music.

Corbin just danced and spun around.

"What did we do?"