Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Partytime! with Dr. Gage Nicholson, M.D.

Today was Gage's preschool Halloween party! Since I was too nervous that he would mess up his real Halloween costume, he got to pick another one out that would be for school!

This is the reason for my lack of pictures. His schools let parents go trick or treating with the lil ones before the party and Gage would not let go of my hand. Everyone LOVED his lil costume. They went to the multiple offices in the church to get candy.

Even the maintenance guy got in on the action!! (oh yeah...Go RANGERS!!!)

I'm about to go pick lil man up from school and I bet he had a great day and has a lot more candy to bring home! We will be trick or treating again on Friday and then yet again on Sunday! Fun times and TONS of sugar!! (insert sarcasm here....woo.hoo)
Stay tuned for BOTH boys in their costumes! Super cuteness coming up!

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