Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ode to SLADE

At the end of the school year, Corbin brought home a "Poetry Notebook" with a bunch of poems in it that he wrote. There were poems about eggs, dogs, sharks, rocks and right in the middle of them all...a poem about his new baby cousin, Slade. Below is the poem in the exact way he wrote it.


Slade is littl (little)
Slade is wide
Slade likes to roll
Slade likes to gigl (giggle)
Slade has slobr (slobber)
Slade vomits
Slade Slade Slade

By: Corbin

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bittersweet... I'm having both happy and sad emotions about today...It's my first babies' last day of kindergarten. I now have to say I have a first grader!!!! I'm not ready...wondering if his teacher will hold him back. :(

Here he is...headed to his first day of kindergarten.

And here he is...headed to his LAST day of kindergarten. (in terrible need of a haircut, too)

His last day with his kindergarten teacher. (We have already pretty much begged her to take the next Nicholson kindergartener too!) ;)

Corbin LOVES his teacher, so we wanted to get her something not only to thank her for being such a great teacher...but also because her birthday is this weekend! Corbin got her a bag (from custoMOM), a beach towel, cool glass, and a flower cookie...and a hand-made card. We also got her baby daughter a cute sippy cup and rubber duck. :)

We are going to miss Mrs. H...but hopefully a certain little brother will get lucky and get in her class!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sport Stars and other stuff!

Well the spring season of sports is finally coming to an end. Gage has his last t-ball game this Saturday. Above is the picture with his team! Is it not precious?!? Gage is the one on the bottom row holding the two bats. :) So cute!!!!

Only about 1/2 of Corbin's team showed up for pics after they were rescheduled because of weather...I personally think the photographer could have taken the other kids name off the soccer ball...but whatever. My baby still looks cute...even with the fake smile. ;)

Yesterday, instead of having practice for his last t-ball game...the Red Sox had a party instead! It was at the park and the boys couldn't get enough of the pond and baby ducks. Lincoln got to come along with us for the first few minutes of the party since I was babysitting him. :)

Corbin waiting patiently for the cupcake part of the party!

Gage with his t-ball trophy and baseball shirt! He is so PROUD of his trophy. He's been asking about it for weeks and is so happy he finally got it!!!

Having two kids in sports is CHAOTIC, but they have so much fun, it's all worth it!! I'm super happy it's summer though and we get the little break before fall season starts!

Until next time...