Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Gage at the end of a long night. I don't know how to make these pictures download in order. :)

Corbin-Yes I know. The wig is a little nuts, but no where can you find a black pirate wig these days, thanks to Johnny Depp.

Corbin, Gage and Seth
Peter Pan talking to the little puppy.

Gagey, Lincoln and Corbin


Little "Lion" Lincoln

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hanging Out

Corbin and Gage in their deflated bounce house!

Some of the Halloween themed art projects they've done. (Sethie also did them, but his get to go on his fridge at home!)

The boys find fun in all places...even their hamper! Seth thought it was pretty fun running into the hamper with the 4-wheeler.

The boys have had a lot of time just hanging around the house this week, so nothing exciting to blog about. I did take a couple quick pics though and thought I would share them with you! Although it's been a boring week so far, the kids have played well together!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Lil Pumpkins...and their pumpkins!

"Spooning" out the pumpkins seeds.

The day has finally come to carve pumpkins! The boys have been asking and asking when they were going to "do pumpkins" ever since we started seeing them around all the stores. They finally got to pick out two pumpkins today and were so excited to get started on making them. When I cut the tops off, and told them to pull all the pumpkins seeds out....they got out spoons and refused to get their hands dirty...which is so unlike him! I couldn't believe it! I did finally get Corbin to stick his hand in and pull some out, but only one time! It's so weird because they are completely willing to get dirty in any other situation! They were proud when when we lit them you can see from the pics above.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Pics

Gagey giving Lincoln kisses....

Yum Yum!

Make a wish!

Corbin and his BFF...Carson

Corbin and Carter.

Proud Aunt and Lincoln after taking a ride down the slide!

Corbin's cupcake cake. We added the R2-D2 for the Star Wars theme!

Just in case there is family and friends out there that doesn't follow any of my friends blogs, I'll post some pics of Corbin's 4th birthday party that our friend Chelsi took at the party....She is our favorite photographer and just today took family pics of us! You'll be seeing those soon. :)
Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics that she took at the party.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute Cousins

Sethie...Sethie Look at me!!

Good Job Seth! Corbin...Gage...Look at me!

Very cute....and very blurry! for the last two days Uncle Shawn has been keeping Seth at home with him, which makes complete sense considering Uncle Shawn is Seth's daddy, but WE MISSED OUR "SESSIE"!! (As Gage calls him) Today Seth came over looking as cute as ever, and I remembered the boys had similar shirts with the same colors so I thought perfect time for a photo op! Of course, no one looked at the camera at the same time and my battery was about to die so my super quick pictures turned out super fuzzy. Oh well...they still all look cute!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1 Well Visit + 7 Shots = 3 MAD BOYS!

Corbin wanted to take off his shorts so he could see his bandaids.

Seth and his bandaid. (Notice the sucker mess on his shirt!)

Poor Gage. He didn't want to see his bandaid.

Today was Corbin's 4 year well visit to the doctor. I found out that he's 34 pounds and a little over 40 inches tall...which means he's tall and skinny, like his daddy! I also found out including the flu shot, he was getting a total number of 5 shots today!!! If that wasn't stress enough, Gage was getting his flu shot, and since we already had Seth there...he was getting his also! 3 boys and 7 shots!! Boy...did I want to take a flying leap out the window! After each of them got their shots, I was able to comfort them for a few seconds and then I had the nurse give them their sugar-free lollipops! Let's just say I've given about 20 hugs today and 500 kisses...and it's not even lunchtime! :) Here are some pics of the little guys when we got home! When we got home...Corbin said "mommy...I guess I don't like the doctor anymore." Poor Corbin. Gage says he can't walk... and Seth...well Seth was perfectly content...and sticky from the sucker. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Corbin's Birthday Party...More pics to come!

Gage fell asleep with his "Star Wars" slinky...

Cool Birthday Gifts!

Corbin had a great time at his birthday party today! Unfortuneatly mommy forgot the memory card for her camera and didn't get pics, but Chelsi, Erica, and Michelle did have their cameras so I'll post pictures soon of the party!! I'm so disappointed that I didn't get pics, but oh well. Corbin had a lot of fun with all his friends and cousins and was completely exhausted by the time he got home tonight so he only had a little time to play with some presents and mommy promised him we could open up and play with the rest tomorrow! I took a pic tonight of the scattered presents after the boys went to bed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Torby!

The nurses said that he looked like "Ernie" from Sesame Street.


He's always been such a big helper!

Corbin and Cash.

Best Big Brother EVER!

Sweet boy!

My Little Clown

My Lil Pirate

Wow. 4 years ago, on Friday, October 15th, I was the proud mother of a precious, and BIG, baby boy. Corbin was born at 8:01am weighing 9 lbs. 2 oz. I always knew in the back of my mind that I was going to have a big baby, and I always knew I was going to have a boy that first time. What I didn't know was how special he would be and how much I would love him. Although the first couple months and the colic about drove me over the edge, ever since he has been a complete joy! I know all parents say this, but he is the smartest 4 year old I know! He picks up things very quickly,is well-mannered and takes on his role of big brother very proudly. Every day he amazes me in some of the things he says and does. Happy Birthday Corbin Michael! Mommy, daddy and Gagey love you very very much!!

Poor Corbin

Usually it is Gage being the one to get injured or hurt himself in some happens daily. Well, today is Corbin's day. While trying to get something off the counter, he knocked off a heavy metal tool onto his toes. It's been about 45 minutes now since he did it and he is still saying it hurts, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that one of his toes aren't broken. One is already starting to turn black and blue, but it's not swelling really...yet. I just hope it's okay by party time this weekend! Anyway, I took a picture of him looking miserable....and one of Gage being bored since his brother can't play with him right now. Gage finds things to do lay down and rest with his "monsters" on the coffee table. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very LONG Saturday

Today was a long, fun-filled day for us. Corbin and Gage spent the night at Gammy's house on Friday night so mommy could wake up first thing in the morning and go take a test for school. After that mommy came to Gammy's and everyone played and ate some lunch with Gammy and Uncle Jared for a little while before heading out to Arlington for Carson and Caden's birthday parties! We all played at PUMP IT UP in Arlington....even MOMMY! Corbin was very happy to see his BFF Carson, that Gage couldn't keep up with the bigger boys, so mommy played with Gage on all the bouncy slides. Mommy figured out that she is getting old and was worn out after the first couple bounce houses. When we finally got home at around 7:30, daddy and Pop were getting home from the races and unloading stuff, so we didn't have dinner until 8:30. AFter dinner while daddy was in the shower...Gage snuck in and did his own you can see from the above picture! He used the nice and sticky hair gel too!! Let's just say after this post....we'll be doing a late bathtime!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Corbin,Gage,Lincoln & Seth at the ZOO!

Corbin, Gage and Elephant

Lincoln..."too cool for the zoo!"

Boys on the alligator....Of course only Corbin looked at the camera.

Corbin checking out the giraffes....

Lincoln thought Corbin's tiger toy was hysterical!!!

Sethie-toot....the climber. :)

Lincoln was tired of the zoo...took a nap.

Gage in the sandbox.

We took our annual trip to the zoo with Shawn, Sarah, Seth, Michelle and Lincoln today. All went well. ALL boys were pretty tired by the end...including the parents.