Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's go to the races!

Corbin, Blane, and Gage on the ride to race...

Gage, Corbin, Dakota, and Blane

Corbin and Daddy

Gage and Daddy-Mr Gage loves his motorcycles!

Big Boy Dakota all by himself!!

This weekend was a busy one! Michael had flattrack races in Waco. Before the races, we went to the hotel and went swimming and the boys' cousins, Dakota and Blane, came to swim with us and watch Michael race. The boys..all four of them..had a blast, and I found out that I'm finished having children...because if I attempted for my little girl..I would be blessed with boys. Even though they were great all weekend, it was a lot of work for me and Sheryl to keep up with them. Anyway, the day after the races, the boys all got their chance to ride the motorcycles for a little bit. All the boys loved riding! We may have some more races WAY in the future to go to!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

One of first mall outings together...

First trip to the zoo together...they fell asleep at exact same time!

First swimming pool outing together...

Just today! Watch out girls!

Corbin and Carson were destined to be best buds for life. They were born only 4 days apart, and they always have the greatest time when they get together....

Carson's mommy, Erica, and I met in the 6th grade and have remained friends ever since. We even said that we would have babies at the same time and live on the same street. Although the same street never happened, we did have babies together and just seeing how close are babies are now can bring tears to your eyes! It's the neatest thing! They have such a good friendship, I can only hope that they will continue it for years to come!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tell all your friends!

While I'm sitting here taking my drivers safety course...I decided I would show everyone the signs I made for my 3 favorite teachers! Tell all your friends!! I'm going to be selling them for $15 a piece. I will of course custom create each one however they want it, whether it be incorporating school colors and mascot, or just one for a childs bedroom! :)

Please tell all your friends and family! I would greatly appreciate it!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Batman is such a big deal these days...I'm guessing because of the movie. Corbin saw his friend, Carson with batman on another blog, so they both just had to get in their Batman pj's tonight and fly around the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and even bathrooms. I snapped a couple pics and then realized that my camera is a piece of junk and I'm in desperate need of a new one. Christmas is not too far away!! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More pics from the beach!

Seth listening to Corbin's musical skills

ha ha ha ha...Shawn and Mimi

Captain (Corbin) Hook

Gagey loved sand more than water

Me and Gagey

Me, Corbin, Aunt Sarah, and Sethie-Poo

Seth, Corbin and Mimi

Corbin with his mouth full!

Rainforest Cafe

here are more pics from our big beach vacation. The boys had so much fun!! I especially love the pic of Sheryl and Shawn cleaning the fish. For anyone who doesn't know my brother-in-law, he LOVES to fish, and I think he may need counseling. As for the other pics, the boys had a ball and I just realized that my concealer doesn't match my new tan anymore!! Seth also loves the harmonica! Corbin also has a new love of pirates!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lincoln Vance Corpian

My very special little man came to visit after we got home from our trip. Of course I think he's grown in the last week and he's such a little spot of sunshine. He smiles and has become the best little laid-back baby. I seriously could not stop kissing his little beaner head! :) He can make me smile even when the day has been not worth smiling about. I was tired from our long and nerve-wracking drive home (thanks boys) and then Lincoln came over and brightened me up...

I'm a little worn down and burnt, but I love this picture of me and my nephew!!

We're Back!!

Galveston was a very big adventure! The ride was 6 hours long on the way there and the boys were perfect little angels. The ferry, which I hope to never have to deal with again, was super slow, but when we finally arrived, the boys were so excited!! We had to ride the ferry to get to Crystal Beach, where our cabin was. We spent the day at the beach the first couple days. Gage was a little iffy around the waves, but Corbin didn't seem to mind them. On Thursday, Corbin got to spend the day with mommy, Mimi, Aunt Sarah and Seth while Gage stayed back at the cabin. We went into town (Galveston) and hit up a couple souvienior shops and went to RainForest Cafe for lunch. Corbin was a little nervous with all of the animal movement, but the mini hot dogs won his affection of the place! Friday was another day at the beach and a lot of golf cart riding. Daddy rented a golf cart and it was a huge hit with everyone...including mommy! We rode around the beach, played in the water, and then went to dinner with the WHOLE extended family. It was a ton of fun. Saturday morning we packed up and headed home. There were a tad too many people in one cabin, but overall the trip was a blast and we're already looking forward to next time!! Pics of the trip on my camera was horrible. I'll post more in a couple days from Aunt Sarah's camera!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We had a very special visitor today! Since gammy was over helping me corral the boys since Michael was racing, Joey and Michelle brought little Linc-a-doo over for a visit! He's such a precious little angel and today was the first time we got a picture of the three cousins together, and of course my camera is junk so it took a horrible picture. I really need to get a better camera. Lincoln is growing up so quickly. He hasn't laughed yet, but he's on the verge...and he's a big talker! The boys love him to death and feel so big when they get to hold babies! We love you Lincoln! XOXOX

Okay, good thing about brothers is they get to play together and share things and be real close friends throughout their lives. Bad thing about brothers is that they copy each other...for example, if one wants to play in the mud...the other will follow...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, so I have no clue how to start one of these things so I'll just start with how crazy the last four years have been...and it's all because of these two little boys! People always said the first few years would fly, and I never thought that was true...especially after the first four months with a newborn! Tonight while at the part, Michael and I couldn't believe how big both the boys are!! Gage is going to be 2 next month and he's already fiercely independent. It's even harder to believe that Corbin is going to be 4 and in school soon. I completely dread that day. Part of me is upset that his 5 year birthday misses the deadline for starting school, because he's way smart enough...but the other part is happy that I get one more year of mommy and me time. Corbin is our inquisitive child and Gagey is our wild child..or as Uncle Joey would call him....the "terror."

Anyway, here goes our blog...wish me luck...I think that it will get better with time!!! If anything, this will be something the boys can look back on.