Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a GIRL!!

Not exactly the girl I wanted...but she will have to do! Meet the new member of the family...STAR Nicholson! Lil Miss Star is an almost 10 week old french bulldog. (Same dog as the Ashton Kutcher movie Just Married) I'm not super happy that she's part of the family at this time...but she IS super cute and probably the only "girl" I will ever get to dress up! (unless by some miracle, Sarah has a baby girl one day...but fat chance of that considering there are 5 boys on that side of the fam!) ;)

The boys absolutely L.O.V.E this lil dog. Gage, being only 3, doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't need to be carried all the time, but he's getting a little better every day. Gage and Star "race" down the hallway all the time... super cute. (and super funny!)

I'm probably going to regret saying this...but Star is super smart and has BARELY had any accidents in the house. Quantity 2 pee accidents and Quantity 2...possibly 3 poop accidents. I say possibly because french bulldogs are known to eat their poo...and I'm still contemplating if that is a good or bad thing...less work for me!

She is pretty good at going to the patio door and has already gone in and out of the doggy door. She is a puppy and loves to chew...but so far no bite marks on shoes or furniture. (fyi...if she ever does bite furniture...she's going to end up like the dog from the Ashton Kutcher movie)

Mr. Corbin was the one who named her. He has done so good with her, and considering how much of a lapdog she is...and how hyper Corbin is, I thought that he would have started ignoring her by now. He plays with her and when she whimpers and wants on the couch with him, he will hold her and rub her ears until she passes out. Very sweet.

She still likes to sleep quite a bit like a baby...but like a baby, it's getting a little less daily.
Stay tuned...I'm sure there will be many more stories and rants about our newest member of the family!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another FUN Princess Party!!!

We went to our lil friend Hannah's 4th Birthday party this weekend at Pump it Up! The boys all had a blast, and of course, I had my yucky old excuse the pics. Corbin had lots of fun with another little boy at the party. Of course, when it came to cake time, he nicely turned his princess napkin upside down...instead of the massive shredding of the napkin and poking eyes out that he did at Emma/Ella's party.

Sethie going down the little slide...weeeeeee!

Gagey had a massive crush on Hannah's mom...he already has a love for older women...I asked him "Do you like Ms. Jennifer?" and he batted his lil eyelashes and said..."yeeees!" I think my college professor from last semester has just been replaced.

A group pic of the party animals....Happy Birthday Hannah!! Hope you liked the massive amount of makeup we got you and...

...the custom-made t-shirt made by custoMOM !!
P.S. The skirt in pic is from Children's Place...customom doesn't make skirts. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine Twin Friends...turn 4!

On Valentine's Day, we headed out to Arlington (what I like to call the city of horrid traffic) to celebrate Emma & Ella's birthday! The boys had a lot of fun and unfortunately, mommy wasn't in the picture taking mood to get any decent pics...but thought I would share them anyway! Gagey, my lil heartbreaker, of course loved the cake and ice cream! He didn't even get any on his custom-made Vday shirt by customom . ;)

Another pic of Gagey playing some sort of "musical chair" type game with dots on the ground...The weird about my pictures??? I seem to have a million pics of Gage and very few of Corbin, yet the whole time we were there...I could never find Gage.

Crawling during the musical chair (dot) game...Corbin is in this one!

A lineup of the birthday guests...I think they are about to play some sort of "zoo" tag game.

Gagey checking out the cute girls at the party...

The best picture I got of the best buddies...Corbin (in his vday shirt by customom) & Carson. They look so sweet...but don't let them fool ya...they were in the process of cutting up the "princess" napkins and stabbing them with their forks. (Girl stuff is so yucky!)

Happy Birthday Emma & Ella! We hope you had a great birthday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Sweet Boys & some SNOW!

We headed out to Mickey D's to meet up with Lincoln, Joey and Michelle today! The boys had some fun bonding time! I am really shocked that I got some decent pics of the boys. They actually LOOKED at the camera! (this one I said "Corbin" and he was happy playing with a friend, so he didn't really KNOW I had the camera!)

Gagey, of course, hung out at the touch screen games the whole time! This is a genuine smile...with a big bite of food in his mouth.

This picture is posting the wrong's suppose to be landscape...don't know why, but it sure is cute anyway! (imagine that...another cute pic with a big chunk of food!)
This picture shows you I wasn't lying about the huge bite!

Isn't this adorable? Lincoln walked up to the table and started saying "GAGE!GAGE!GAGE!" and when Corbin (who he calls Gage) didn't listen...he decided to act like he was really interested in what Gage (Corbin) was doing.

...he even made himself comfortable and cheered on Corbin during his game.

I took this picture because I was kinda hoping Joey would slip or something running in after starting the car...didn't happen, but this is still funny. Just think...if he would have fell...with his hands in his pockets...I'm laughing about it and it didn't even happen.

It snowed ALL.DAY.TODAY. Normally I would be annoyed by it, but it got me out of class it's okay. The boys LOVED the snow and having a snowball fight with daddy.

They even attempted a snowman.

A super-fun snow-filled day with some sweet boys...what more can you ask for?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I've been slacking a bit... I've been stinkin it up on posting as often as I usually do, but I have good reasons. I mean I did just start a new semester (that has barely any homework) and I did finally get around to starting my own lil business (already over 100 fans on facebook!), but the biggest problem on posting is I can't ever get pics of the boys...they HATE when I get out my camera. (especially after their valentine pic card...which you should be recieving shortly). So...I posted a pic from last month. Crazy boys...speaking of crazy...

I made my first t-shirts with my Cricut....and then sewed them BY HAND!!! Wow. I don't think I've sewed anything since a home economics class in middle school...but they sure did turn out cute! (and I think I only poked myself 150 times!) Yeah...I won't be adding these items to my business blog until I get mom's sewing machine!! :)

I promise to try to get some new pics in the very new future...which shouldn't be too hard since we have two birthday parties to go to in the next couple weeks!!

(*for anyone who wants to know about my school...I still hate math, my science class is super fun and my reading class is super early...but isn't too bad so far! The best part is I barely have any work to do. I think I'll get more busy in my reading class...but the other classes don't have much at all.)
(*for anyone who wants to know about the boys' school...they LOVE it!! When I picked Corbin and Gage up on Wednesday, Corbin didn't want to go and said to leave him there longer. They have separate little friends they play with and have so much fun! Such a relief!)

Until next time!