Friday, January 30, 2009

Flu Shot...What a Frickin' Joke!

Gagey has been sick and throwing up and laying around for the last two days....Here he is eating the main staple of his diet at the moment...a popsicle.

Corbin now has a fever and he keeps saying he feels sick and his tummy hurts.

Although they haven't been diagnosed by a doctor....because I'm too afraid of what else they could pick up at the doctors office...considering there is a huge flu epidemic right now in DFW...I'm pretty sure this is the flu.

This is the second year in a row that we have had the flu shot and gotten the flu. I'm protesting the shot from now on. What a joke!

UPDATE: Corbin has now been throwing up for the past few hours. Poor baby! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inclement Weather Activities...

Gagey vacuumed the floor...I might as well start them early and get them used to it. :) Funny thing was...both of them enjoy it!

How could you ever say no to this face?

After vacuuming...they decided to play Dance Dance Revolution!! This picture is proof that the boys do anything they can to make the other mad. I caught Gage in the act of trying to mess up Corbin's game. Little booger.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 years ago today...

I took a picture of these they are a tad blurry, but I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from our wedding day. Here is me, Michelle and Erica at the hair salon after our hair was finished...(I don't think we planned on all wearing plaid button-up shirts.)

This picture looks better in person.

Mr. & Mrs.

Michael and the girls....

Me and the girls....

Me and my brothers. (Joey and Jared look about 10 years old in this pic!)

Sorry so blurry...but this is a good one of me and mom.

Michelle and I chowing down on some McNuggets before the ceremony...hee hee.
People always say that your wedding day is a blur...I remember a lot about my wedding day.
- I remember it rained and rained.
- I remembered hearing the weather and traffic report in the background of my wedding during the whole ceremony. (bad "sound" guys at the church)
- I remember the tasty chocolate covered strawberries on the grooms cake.
- I remember Erica not feeling that well and finding out a week later she was pregnant with Carson. :)
-I remember that I rubbed Erica's belly knowing she was probably pregnant and it would bring me luck on getting pregnant myself one day soon. (I found out the following month I was pregnant)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mickey D's!

Yum Yum

Corbin had fun playing with all the kids...

Washing down the happy meal!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunch at Finch Park

Let's eat!

Corbin really enjoyed burying acorns that he found around the park.

Gage and Seth "building a fire".

This is the only shot I could get of Seth looking at the camera. He refused to participate in the picture-taking activity today.

Action shot!!
Today we took advantage of the nice weather and had our lunch at the park. It's always nice when we can get out of the house and into the fresh also makes them super tired for naptime...which is always a nice little bonus for me! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Breaking Rules

Today, Daddy(Uncle Michael) broke the house rule that you're only suppose to draw on paper.

Mr. Independent. He decided he wanted a peanut butter & jelly for a snack he went into the kitchen and made himself and Gagey one. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buh-Bye Pullups!!

Dear Huggies/Pampers/Luvs,

Thanks for diapering my children all these years. Even though there have been a few times you have let me down (pee pee leaks and the poop up and out the diaper) have done your job well in keeping my childrens' clothes wet and doody free! Most moms might be a little sad to see their last child in underwear....but I am not one of those moms! I will not miss you...or the thousands of dollars you cost us!!

Love-Corbin & Gage's Mommy

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a's a plane...'s 2 little Iron Men!!!

Gammy got us some cool new costumes today...thanks Gammy.
(Don't you just love their little eyeballs in the masks?)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kid Conference

Main agenda of today's meeting: Deciding on who is the "BEST AUNT EVER!"....the meeting was a short one, and with Gagey playing the mediator...I'm pretty sure it went in my favor. ;)

I'm sure you noticed Corbin wasn't in this shot...he was photographer! Great job buddy!!

"We're following the leader...the leader...the leader..."
Corbin and Gage crawled around the whole time with Lincoln last night...just so he wouldn't feel left out..I'm sure. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mommy's Old and New School Visits

This morning we had to run school errands for mommy! We went to TWU to get her id, parking permit ($60!!!!) and books. I couldn't get the whole sign in the picture or I would have been hit by a car. It was freezing out if you can't tell by the boys in their heavy coats!!

Here is Seth at CCCC picking up Aunt Shawna's current transcript. He just had to see the water fountain...and was so excited he nearly fell in 3 times. The boys were great helpers in stopping him from going over the edge. This is the only picture that turned out decent because everytime I tried to take a pic of one of the boys....I had to make the mad dash to save Seth! :)

Future college student...Gagey Thomas "Nic-ol-ken". (that's how he says his last name)

I didn't get any good pics of Corbin this one is from yesterday. Too precious. I had to edit lil Gage out of the pic on the side though because he's half naked from potty-training yesterday. He did a GREAT job too! No accidents! I'm going to start again this afternoon. I wasn't going to attempt the potty training during our college visits! :)

Long morning...but I got everything taken care of for the semester starting next week! Thanks Aunt Sarah for lending us your car! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

I smell TROUBLE...

I literally smell trouble! Although Gagey and Sethie are playing really well together...they started off this morning by going into the bathroom and lathering themselves with strawberry shampoo...after undressing them and getting the camera...I found them in the bedroom...of course Gagey was on top of the bed without the ladder being down...and I'm guessing Seth figured out he couldn't get up there and decided just to sit at the desk! These two boys are going to cause me to have an anxiety attack today!!! Wish me luck! :) ...well at least they will smell good all day!!
UPDATE: Someone has spiked the juice! They are ALL being nuts today! :) As you can see from the top picture...Gage and Corbin think it's okay to climb up on top the dryer. Sethie thinks its hilarious!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Change of Scenery

Today we decided to play at Sarah's house for a change of scenery! Here are the boys pushing Sethie on the swing in the backyard.

They loved being outside...and considering it's going to be cold again tomorrow...they were out there a lot today!

Gagey! If you look at this picture up will see all the grossness that is coming out of his nose. Poor Gagey has a cold. He has a slight fever and a constant cough and runny nose (which he loves to wipe all over me.)

Corbin Michael. He also has the fever and cough...but it doesn't seem as bad as Gage's today. Hopefully he's getting better.

Sethie. Although I have a better picture I took of Seth today, I thought I would post this one. Corbin took this picture after lunch...before I got to wipe down Seth's face.
I would post more pictures, but any mother that has a kid(s) with colds would know that I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here he little genius. Tonight during dinner, he wrote daddy a letter or note and he told Michael.."here daddy, I did this for you and wrote your name on it."

In the upper left corner...he wrote DAD. I was in complete shock. Michael told me that around a week ago he showed Corbin how to write, dad, and hasn't since. Corbin remembered and re-wrote it tonight. I'm so proud of my little genius.

I'm also proud of my lil "genius in training"... he told me he had to potty at McDonalds today and went on the potty! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Together again...

You know Sethie is back when Corbin goes up into his bed to escape the fury of Seth and Gage...

You know when Sethie is back when all the toys are unloaded from the toy bins...20 minutes before I took this pic, I had cleaned up the cars and trucks and put them back into the bin so no one would step on them...Seth wouldn't have that. :)

You know when Sethie is back when Gage finds ways to get into Corbin's bed without the ladder. Aunt Shawna is terrified of Seth climbing by himself onto the top the ladder gets put up when he is over. Corbin and Gage don't let that stop them.

We haven't had Seth for around a month now so it was great having him back today! I think he's grown a couple inches and gained a couple pounds since last time I watched him! Corbin and Gage were really excited to see him this morning and they've been playing well together the whole day! Welcome Back Sethie-toot! We missed ya!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been painting a couple pictures the past couple days for Seth's playroom and the boys have been bugging me to paint every day since I started. I finally gave in and let them paint over something I had painted for my bedroom that I hated! I told them since I was painting something for Sethie's playroom...they could paint something for their playroom! Gagey painted the top half, Corbin the bottom half. Such cute little artists!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Super Saturday!

I love this picture! Not only because it's one where they are being sweet to each other...but Gage has his arm around's usually the other way around!

We got to babysit Lincoln tonight while Joey and 'chele had a quick dinner with friends.

Gerber baby! (I know I've said that before...he's just so darn cute!)

I guess Gage was letting Lincoln know that he's an "OK" kid.

Giddyup! Yee haw!

The boys always make me style their hair before the shampoo gets rinsed out. This one was a pretty funny one. (I don't know why my camera took such a yellow picture)