Thursday, October 28, 2010

EW....Pumpkin Guts!

Better late than never...tonight the boys and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween! This was the first year that BOTH boys would participate in the getting rid of the pumpkin guts...without utensils!!!

Of course, every other word was "EEEWWWW!"

Showing the guts and seeds.

Finished pumpkin! I did the carving, of course, and I didn't carve crooked. The last pumpkins at Walmart were not in the best shape. :)
(Just in case you are wondering...Corbin's socks are mis-matched on purpose. It was "Mis-match day" at school.)

Such cute lil pumpkins. (even the crooked one in the middle!)
Stay tuned for Halloween posts! There will be two! We have trick or treatin' tomorrow and Sunday!

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