Friday, October 15, 2010

Carson's 6th Birthday Party!

We headed over to Arlington last Sunday for best bud Carson's 6th Birthday. It was also Caden's birthday party, but I didn't get any pics of him. :( Above is the standard picture I take of Corbin and Carson every year on their birthday. I will be taking another one tomorrow for Corbin's, I'm sure. :)

Since his mommy and daddy were busy watching the Cowboys (lose)...Lincoln got to join in on the fun!! ( I added the "lose" just to frustrate Joey and Michelle...obviously I could care less...ha!)

2 of my party animals waiting patiently for cake AND cookie cake!! Sugar sugar sugar!!!

Think they were playing freeze dance at this point...Corbin looks too cute, so this pic had to be added. The rest of the pics stink. I was too far away. :(

Hope you had a good birthday CARSON & CADEN!!

Stay tuned for Corbin's birthday extravaganza!

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