Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Jared and Corbin having a "movie" chat.

Corbin on his dirt bike. He did an awesome job by himself.

Sethie...future dirt bike rider!

Gagey on his own! Pop stayed close by...just in case. :)

Today was a long day!! First we started off by heading out to Bonham to spend Thanksgiving having lunch at Mimi & Pops house with Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sarah, and Seth. Corbin and Gage had a blast riding around their motorcycle on their own personal track made by Pop. Afterward we headed home for dinner with Gammy, Uncle Jared, Uncle Joey, Aunt 'chele and Lincoln. The boys had fun playing and visiting with everyone and we all loved watching Lincoln...he's almost crawling. :) I am thankful for many things this year, but mostly that all the babies surrounding me...Corbin, Gage, Seth and Lincoln...are happy and healthy! Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks Joey and 'Chele!

Lincoln and his "drool" stick. :)

Gage showing Uncle Joey how to ride a scooter

Gerber baby...but much cuter!!

Say Cheese Mommy!!

I love you Linc-a-doo!

I got a special surprise tonight! I got to watch Lincoln while Joey and Michelle went out for their 5th wedding anniversary!! (Happy Anniversary guys!) Anyway, Lincoln is the most perfect and well behaved baby so I knew there would be no problems. He had a lot of fun playing (watching) his cousins bounce off the walls and couldn't get enough of a plastic diving stick. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again one day. (hint hint to Joey and Michelle!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Broken Bow, OK Camping Trip

Lookout Lodge-our cabin was really pretty, but a little small for all of us!

Corbin and Gage in the GIANT bathtub

Corbin and Dakota were inseparable all weekend.

Pop building the fire with Blane's help

Dakota inside a tree on our nature hike.
Gagey in some pretty leaves on our nature hike

Monkey Gagey hanging from a tree!

Corbin and Pop-Corbin was not in the picture-taking mood.

Gagey going down a slide

Mimi and all her boys at the state park anyone who knows me would know I'm anything but a nature girl. Going camping this weekend proved that, but the boys had a blast...and that is all that matters! We stayed in a really nice cabin with Mimi & Pop, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sarah, Seth, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Larry, Dakota and Blane. It was crowded, but the boys had fun playing together. Word of advice...don't go camping with a bunch of little boys when it's freezing cold outside!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Shots

Tonight the boys asked me if they could eat dinner in the playroom...I said that they could but not to get food on the floor. (I thought they would be eating on the floor)I went in to check on them...and they had pulled out the table in the corner and were eating! Smartest boys on the planet!

Monday morning hanging out...watching some cartoons. Seth loves to climb up and down on the chair, so I thought I would snap this quick picture. Seth has his favorite shirt on that reads "My Aunt Rocks!" ha ha!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blane's Birthday Party

"Birthday Boy" Blane and Gagey going for a ride!

Sethie and Chuck E. Cheese

Blane opening his present from Corbin & Gage

Dakota and Corbin playing a game.

Corbin celebrating! Score!!

Today we went to Waco to celebrate with Corbin and Gagey's cousin, Blane, for his 3rd birthday! Everyone always loves going to see Chuck E. Cheese!! ( Well, Gage is scared of the actual Chuck E.Cheese, but he loves the games and rides!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Nice Wagon ride...

We took a wagon ride to downtown Mckinney today.
The boys loved the fountain!!

I LOVE this picture!!!

Seth LOVED to climb on all the park benches. (He got good practice walking too to each bench.)

Daredevil Gagey STANDING on the side of the fountain.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clownin' Around

Corbin and Gage love to pick out bandaids whenever we run out. They treat bandaids more like stickers in our house though. They like to pretend they have boo-boo's and wear them, but whenever there really is blood or cuts involved...they want nothing to do with a bandaid. It's really weird. Anyway, Corbin and Gage both had "boo-boo's" on their foreheads last night. GOOFBALLS! We run out of bandaids really quickly around here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Candid Kids

They couldn't just smile and say cheese....

or stand back away from the camera...

Show us your big muscles!

Just a few pics I took of the kids tonight. I was at a middle school today doing some observation and after coming home and playing CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders with the kids, they got an early shower and hopefully I'll get them to bed on time tonight for a long night of studying for a math test! After a long and icky week...I'm hoping for a good weekend!

PS- For anyone who wants to know...Michael had surgery on Thursday and is perfectly fine. They found a couple broken bones and had to use some metalware to patch him up, but he felt a whole lot better this morning. I kinda hoped he felt worse today and in more pain so he would think twice about getting on a motorcycle again....I guess that battle will have to come another day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daddy's Motorcycle Crash...and BOO BOO

The little people standing on top of the hill are the boys.

Normally I wouldn't post such a horrible pic of myself, but I wanted everyone to see how crappy I looked after my husband flew off a motorcycle and into a fence.

Poor Daddy in the ER.

Okay, this was a very long and busy weekend. It started out with a long Friday because of Halloween. That was the best part. Saturday and Sunday, Michael had flattrack races ALL DAY. Saturday we got home late, and woke up first thing Sunday morning for more racing. Gage and Corbin insisted on going on Sunday, so off we went. Well during practice, Michael's motorcycle decided it didn't want to work properly and off the track he went into a fence. The actual wreck was out of my sight range and all of a sudden I noticed that all the motorcycles were stopping and Michael wasn't coming back to the pits. Tommy, his dad is the first to run and help when someone gets hurt too, so I thought it was probably someone else. I WAS WRONG! Michael broke his collar bone and was shipped off in the ambulance, with me and the boys following close behind. He got an arm splint and some pain medicine and will see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. What a weekend. I attached some pics of my day.