Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! Don't the boys look adorable in their matching Grinch jammies?!? They were pretty excited and actually allowed me to take a posed pic of them right before heading to bed on Christmas Eve! Gage fell asleep fairly quickly...but Corbin was awake until about 11-1130pm!

The boys set out Santas favorite...cookies and chocolate milk!

Here is the before picture. Don't you just love my lopsided tree? I could have cared less and I also had the boys put on 90% of the ornaments by themselves...and I didn't even care if they were jumbled together. ;)

This was the after about midnight. The kids were good this year!

Stockings! They each got a new ipod touch cover for their ipod touches! Gage has a Perry one (from Phineaus and Ferb) and Corbin got a Captain America one.

Santa drank all the milk and the funny guy only ate 1 cookie and put the other one back in the cookie container...he must have been already stuffed full of sweets!

Ok...I have some issues with elves/tinkertoy makers! PLASTIC tinker toys?!?! Are you friggin kidding me? They are super expensive and are suppose to be made out of WOOD!

Corbin and GAge got the new Wii game SkyLanders for Christmas! Corbin immediately became addicted. GAmmy was nice enough to give us her old TV. Since we didn't have a stand for it, I used our coffee table. The next day I tried to rearrange the toyroom to make room for a couch. (so they could sit comfortable while playing) and BAM CRASH BOOM!!!...I broke both the coffee table and TV.

This guy is copying what I did after breaking the coffee table and TV.

OH.MY. LEGOS! The lego contraption on the left took me a little less than 3 hours to make. The lego contraptions on the right...over 3 hours! I basically threatened the boys with their lives and told them they weren't allowed to break them. :)

Of course, Santa always has to bring some sort of craft. Gage's little people are on the left..Corbin's on the right.

Doctor Dreadful is...dreadful. This wasn't Santas dumbest present though...the dumbest one was the Erector sets. The boys were super happy with all their presents though and got so much more than I took pics of!

I'm such a slacker when it comes to pictures and posting lately. I was actually considering shutting down my little blog...until I got a sweet letter from one of my grandmas saying that she loves to look at it. :) I will try to post more...but can't make any promises! HA!

Until next time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving on Santa!

We are convinced that this Santa is the real deal! He is awesome! Gage asked him for the "Doggie Doo" game and Corbin said he wanted a popcorn machine. ;)

Lots of love all around...even Mommy got a hug and kiss from Santa. XOXOX

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Roller Baby!

The boys pulled out their roller skates for the first a VERY long time this weekend! They did a really good job not falling. (well...not falling hard anyway.)

Gage is the shadow in the background. He was too busy being social with the neighbor kids to take a picture.

Love these boys!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


How great did the boys pics turn out this year?!? I am so happy with them. The first time I looked at both of them..I was shocked to notice just how much they look alike! I mean, take off the hair and we practically have the same kid! All summer, I got the question "Are they twins?" and never understood it until now. :)

HA HA HA!!! 15 years later...and I'm back in a yearbook too!! I wonder if MY mommy is going to want this pic in her wallet too. (hee hee)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At the skate park...

Just this past weekend, Michael and Gage had discovered the skate Corbin and I headed over with them yesterday to see what all the fuss was about.

I quickly figured out that this was a REAL skate park. For some reason, I figured it was going to be like a sidewalk trail in a hidden part of the city. I was wrong. There were a bunch of bigger kids flying around on scooters, bikes and rollerblades. By flying...I mean doing tricks mid-air and flipping around. Scared me to death...especially since my wee little ones were in the middle of it!

Corbin is the cautious one. He rode around carefully sporting his flip flops.

Gage cautious? Not so much. He wanted to ride around in this thing. (fyi...random kid got in my pic)

Off Gage went. He whizzed around the empty swimming pool thing, only needing help out at the end. :)

Corbin riding around...

Now since Gage is my little daredevil...and the kids 10+ years older than him were jumping off things...he decided to give it a try. Not too bad this time around!

...and then, in true Gage fashion...the next time was a COMPLETE.FAIL. He tried to stop or something at the last minute...and went straight down, face first.

Little man had a big boo-boo. Mommy and Daddy felt horrible and are now currently looking for a new and better sized helmet for our little Evel Knievel.

Stay tuned for school pics!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!'s my own fault for not checking my camera battery before we left...but these couple pictures are the ONLY ones I got of Halloween. Unfortuneatly, it was after part of Corbin's costume had been broken and after Gage decided not to wear the Ghostbusting pack thingy on his back that I decided to snap a picture. Corbin turned out looking more like a burglar than a ninja...

...and thank goodness Gage had the Ghostbuster emblem, or he would have looked like a prisoner of some sort. :) The boys were happy either that is all that matters!
After the above camera died.

I got out my iphone for the next couple pics. We were invited to a Halloween party this year, and here is my favorite pic of the night! Look at Gage and all the kiddos reacting to Corbin's friends dad. (yep...confusing, but not using names!) ;)

So sweet! Happy Halloween ya'll!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gage is Star Student!!

Doesn't he look proud!?! I sure am! He got his first report card this last week and also got Star Student in his class. I tried to make his poster similar to the one I made for Corbin in kindergarten, so I could hang them up together. I LOVE IT!

This is a picture I took of the boys on the morning of picture day at school...because who knows what the school pics are going to look like. ;) I actually got Corbin to wear a button up shirt without complaining and Gage is sporting his "Justin Beaver (beiber)" hairdo! Gotta love them!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the next pics posted will probably be Halloween! :)

Until then....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Special...Super...Seven-Year-Old! (& Spooky Party!)

Corbin is 7 years old.I have a 7 year old baby (if that makes sense) who is starting to read chapter books, and who can do math in his head that I still need my fingers for. He's growing up. He's not a baby...but he's still and always will be MY baby. ;)

Above is a picture taken the day after his birthday with his classroom mascot, Corduroy. He needed a picture for his classroom journal and brought along a birthday present for the pic too. I'm hoping his teacher doesn't mind that it's a gun. (She is a fellow boy mom.)

Since his birthday fell on a Saturday, we booked his party for the same day! It was at a park right next to our house! Above is a picture of the goody bag I made special to the occasion.

He wanted a Halloween-themed party. He invited about 30 friends, so I needed a quick and inexpensive treat...and what 7 year old boy doesn't like something that says "Poop" on it?!?
Marshmallows (ghost poop) and Choco Chips (bat droppings) AWESOME!

He also wanted to rent a bounce house...and it was a HUGE hit!!! (Nevermind the major drama of the stupid thing deflating twice with kids inside...ugh)

My two favorite people in the whole world sporting their Halloween wear. :) Corbin was the best birthday boy, playing with all his friends and being super nice to his lil brother.

Corbin insists on cookie cake. :)

I also grabbed some fall themed cupcakes for the kids who like them instead! :)

One of the calmer moments in the bounce house.


Gammy and Lincoln

Seth and Gage


(I have other pics of other party kids, but I don't like putting them on the blog unless they are close friends and family)

The annual birthday pic of Corbin with his birthday buddy, Carson. (I need to find all of them from every year and do a post on that!)


Presents!! We waited to open presents when we got home so the kiddos could all play at the party!

Hangin out with friends!

My favorite pic! I didn't get that many pics at the party and many didn't turn out thanks to the bouncing in the bounce house! :)

Corbin with some of his loot! (and Corduroy) Corbin had an AWESOME time!

Happy Birthday Baby...I mean BIG BOY! Mom loves you! XOXOX