Thursday, June 25, 2009


The greatest "toy" you can give a kid!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


We lost our eldest dog today...sweet boxer....

Rest in Peace...Hunter.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Family-Filled Friday!

Tonight was a busy night! First we went to watch Corbin at his last day of Vacation Bible School!

Corbin loves that he was invited again this year by Aunt Sarah and was so excited to go every night by himself! I think it gave the boys the much needed break away from each other. Of course Gage asked about Corbin every 2 minutes they were apart. :) Speaking of the lil devil...

Gagey LOVED the music at VBS...he joined right in with all the kids!

Lil man CUT.A.RUG!

Corbin with his name sticker on. :) He followed the teachers with all the dance steps and movements...

Sweet boy. :)

After VBS, we went and had dinner at Uncle Julios with Mimi, Pop, Shawn, Sarah and Seth.

Gagey wasn't finished he found a platform!

LOVE this one. Classic Gage face. (he was upset because I wouldn't let him jump from the platform thing...Pop offered help, and Gage was not having it! )

Sethie saw the other boys jumping... he joined in!

Corbin had complete control (as usual) of the buzzer! Of course we had to wait for over an hour for a table! The boys were nuts by the time the buzzer finally went off and I was in desperate need of a margarita!

I think I finished it in about 5 minutes! :)
Thanks Aunt Sarah for inviting Corbin to Bible School this year!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lovin' on Lincoln

We got to watch Lincoln the WHOLE day today...and we had so much fun!!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get 3 boys to look at the camera at the same time?!?

Lincoln doing a little housework while he visits...he loved the vacuum cleaner now that he has walking capability! :)

Getting a little work done on the computer...

Look at his little feet crossed while sitting in the chair! How flipping cute is that?!? Gage had brought Lincoln a little snack while boy sees his mommy on the computer, so he's a natural at it! :)

Corbin and Lincoln doing a little drawing...

He's super serious about his artwork.


It was super hot out we pulled the sprinkler out

...which Lincoln stayed away from. (unless I would stand in the water with him)

A little bike riding(indoors) after the sprinkler didn't work out. Since his hair was a little wet from outside, I gave Lincoln a faux hawk. I think it suits him...he looks pretty darn cute!

Cute pic that I like...don't remember what was going on to make him smile like that. :)

Don't know what I was looking at, but this is the only pic of us with both of our eyes open! Lincoln said "NAWNA" today too....don't think he knew that he was saying my name...but hey...I was excited about it!

Such a fun-filled day...lil man crashed out for 3 hours practically!!
Fun times... hope we do this again soon!! We love you Lincoln!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Wiggles Play Center

Tonight we headed to The Wiggles play center in Frisco for some fun and food with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Shawn and Seth.

Of course, I didn't think to bring the boys socks, so we ended up having to buy them socks at the place.

Corbin and Gagey playing a little air hockey...Corbin won by 1 point. Considering he is a pretty sore loser...Michael and I were happy about that. Gage could have cared less. :)

There was a really tall slide that the boys were a little nervous to go on, so Uncle Shawn was nice enough to ride with them. **A little sidenote: Uncle Shawn went down the slide numerous times by himself...almost think he used the boys as an excuse to play. hee hee**

Aunt Sarah doesn't look near as thrilled for "slide-riding".

Finally got the nerve to go down on their own!

Lil Mr. Blue Eyes climbing around on the rides. He said "Shawna" perfectly tonight. :)

The Wiggles Play Center wasn't very busy tonight and we soon found out why. The food is NASTY! We got the pizza and it could win an award for the worst pizza in the world. Ick.

The boys didn't seem to mind. They actually ate pretty decent.


Corbin taking a spin around the place.

Gage and Seth riding the mini carousel....

...and the horse.

Since dinner was so nasty...we headed to Marble Slab Creamery afterwards for some dessert. Corbin had regular 'ole chocolate with some candies.

Gagey had some birthday cake ice cream with candies...which he seems to have gotten on his arm.
Although the food was something we never want to experience again...the boys had a lot of fun at the Wiggles Play Center. We may try it out again one day....when we're not hungry. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summertime PlayGroup!

My friend Chelsi had the brilliant idea to start a playgroup this summer! Today was our first "meeting", so we headed off to (very brave) Chelsi's house for some backyard fun! :)

The kids got to play in the water...which is always a hit with the boys! It was a big turn out, so the backyard was filled to the brim!

Gagey loved the "fwimmin' pool".

I have no idea why Corbin is making this face...he was yelling something excidedly...(is that a word?)

Precious little "tinker toy". Lincoln is WALKING now!!! He looks like such a little monkey too when he does it. (hands above his head) So flippin' cute!

I can't get enough of this lil man! Aunt "nawna" loves you!

Best Buds Forever. My friend Erica has a little boy(Carson) that is 4 days older than Corbin, and no matter how little they see each other...they are always attached at the hip the moment they get back together! I'm so glad that this playgroup this summer will give them more oppurtunities to hang out!
I'm sure Chelsi will have better pictures posted on her blog check it out HERE !!
The boys met a lot of new friends today and mommy even got to have a little high school reunion. ( Nice seeing you Katy & Dee)
Looking forward to seeing everyone again the next time!!