Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!...and Birthday to me and Linc-a-doo!

At about 8:30pm on Saturday night...we dyed Easter eggs. Yep...kinda late, but we were super busy all day and the boys and I had just got back from the movie, HOP. We were in the Easter spirit! (and Yes...they are in their underwear. I will not mess up clothes for 10 minutes of Easter egg dyeing fun)

Before bunny pic.

The bunny stash....

After bunny pic! They were SUPER excited to see that they got not just one...but 2 beyblades! Little did the Easter bunny know...the boys were wanting a specific beyblade. After the bunny bought one...the bunny had to go back for more! One busy (stressed out) bunny! Anything for the Nicholson Boys!

Sitting in front of Aunt Sarah's after the church egg hunt. Seriously...have you ever seen cuter munchkins?!?

Playing in the backyard with Seth. (who, by the way, would not look at me for a picture!) Little toot. :) He must remember the good ole days when I watched him and never put my camera down. :)

Corbin showing off his beyblade. Besides when he's at school...he always has one in his pocket.

Best pic of the three...and I had to trick Seth into looking at me. :)

Slade....aka...Mr. Happy! I could just eat him up! (Even with all the drool and leftover sweet potatoes!)

This pic is almost perfect...if Aunt Michelle, Joey and Gammy would have moved! After lunch with the Nicholson/Moody's...we went home for dinner with the Corpian's.

Gagey and Lincoln eating massive blow pops.

Corbin and Lincoln. Corbin just finished his massive blow pop. (just in case you were wondering what was wrong with his mouth.)

Since our birthday was the day after Easter this year...we decided to celebrate both on Easter. Here is the birthday buddies annual pic! Lincoln is 3 and Aunt Shawna is 3-3! (This will be an annual tradition...until Lincoln is old enough to be embarrassed by it.)

Stay tuned for more....I have been taking pics lately, but have had no time to post! 2 more weeks of student teaching!

Kindergarten Hoe-down!

Corbin had his spring program last week! It was all about cowboys and line dancing!! I'm amazed at how well these 80 + kindergarteners did! They had about 5 dances to do and they did awesome!! They must have practiced A LOT! Of course , none of my pics turned out, but thought I'd show a couple....

Where's Corbin? This is half the kindergarten...the other half was on the other side.

We were so proud of our lil man! So cute! Michael actually has some on video...but don't know how well you can see Corbin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny!

Another year...another Easter Bunny picture. Just this weekend I finally got out our Easter decorations and baskets and remembered that we haven't been around to see the bunny yet. With this week being so busy, I decided to take the boys after school today!!! Although we did have to wait in line before 4 pm...all went well!

Stay tuned for kindergarten program pictures, Easter pictures and me and Lincoln's birthday pic! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

GONE (craw) FISHIN' !!

Saturday night, after all the soccer and t-ball games, we headed out to the creek for some crawfishin' fun!!

Lincoln joined us...and big shock...TOUCHED a crawfish! He got braver and braver as the night went on.
We found a group of boys catching crawfish and since they were such pro's at it...Corbin, Lincoln and Gage were mesmerized and watched the entire time!!

Lincoln kept copying everything Michael did. pic I could get of the cousins...

Next time we go catch crawfish...the boys will be much better prepared. These other boys kept catching them! Lincoln really got close at the end of the night...until I told him mommy and daddy had gone somewhere to eat these little "bugs". Before he got upset, I had to tell him I was just kidding.

My sweet little mess. (stay tuned for new haircut pics...)

My favorite pic of the night! He posed for me then said..."Let me see it!" (the camera to see the pic)

After a night of crawfishing and then ice cream...they relaxed and watched Pinnochio!! Fun times!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing #8 of the Red Sox...Gage!

This past Saturday was Gage's first t-ball game!! Last season he was a RoughRider...this season he's on the Red Sox. Same coach and same team with a different name...and much cuter uniform if I do say so. :)

Gage is one of a small handful that can actually catch the ball...and he's got a great arm too!!!

Girls are already after Corbin....just kidding! This is a classmate of Corbin's who has a little brother that plays on the Red Sox too!

Gage's team doubled in size this season....I'm guessing because it's spring. Waiting their turn in the dugout is probably the most difficult part for this age. :)

Walking out to bat...Is he not the cutest?!?!

This year, they incorporated a catcher...don't know why, but they sure do look cute. Gage is wondering what the kid in the full gear is doing standing by him.

I just thought I would add this picture that Gage took with my camera of the Joker. I was a little nervous to let him "play" with my big camera...but I was also trying to do lessons for the next couple weeks, so I gave it a shot! He did pretty good!

Stay tuned for more pics. With Corbin playing soccer and Gage playing t-ball...I'm bound to have more.