Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imagination & Creativity

Yes...although the boys love their video games and toys, they also love playing and doing things a little out of the ordinary!! For example... Playing in the kitchen cabinets. (above) They both have their own secret little space to call their own in the kitchen.

Michael has this plastic cart thingy...and I caught the boys in the backyard racing each other around in what did I do?

I suggested they get on concrete so they can go a little faster! (Look at Gage riding... so cute and having a ball!)

The boys also like dressing up and since I threw out all their old costumes (they grew out of), they had a blast playing in some Lincoln brought over this weekend! Red Spiderman is Lincoln...Black Spiderman is Gage. Corbin pretended to be Harry since these were the only costumes...such imagination!

Love these boys!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


This weekend was Seth's 4th Birthday Party! Above is the invite I created for his "Petting Zoo" party! (obviously I crossed out my sister-in-laws contact info!) Super cute!

Birthday Boy!
(I was hired as birthday photographer...I picked out a few of my favorites for my blog!)

The party was at a farm on the outskirts of Mckinney. Michael said "wouldn't it be great to live out here?"...I said, "no."

Gagey had a swingin' good time! ;)

Corbin and Opal...the pig. She likes her belly scratched...and also likes suckers. (we found that out a little after this pic)

Corbin had a turn! This looked pretty dangerous...but only one kid was knocked over by a flying kid.

Gage checking out the emus. Did you know they make this weird bass drum noise when you get too close? odd creatures.

Gage bonding with Opal.

Best pic of the day! Both baby and goat looked for the camera!

Seth and Gage checking out the goldfish supply.

I haven't a clue what is so funny...but thought it would make a precious pic.

Gage touching RATS! Ugh

One of the main reasons there are no posed pics in this fam...Gage is such a goober!

So cool! A hedgehog!

Seth's inner thought..."There is no way in h3!! I am touching that!"

Looks like this reptile just ate a blue cupcake. I have no clue why the tongue is that color...I'm pretty shocked I got this close for the picture.

Gage touching the snake.

Corbin's turn. Anyone notice that Seth is nowhere to be found!?! lol.

Blane. (Corbin, Gage, Seth and Slade's cousin.)

Slade and Dakota. (more cousins!)

Blane and Corbin bonding.

Another favorite pic. Dakota is the boys' cousin and my birthday buddy!

Happy Birthday Toot!

A rare pic...of both boys!!! Love it!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st Grade- STAR of the WEEK!

Corbin got STAR student at school, and we made him a poster to hang outside his classroom for everyone to see! :) Corbin got to pick out the pictures he wanted on it this year. (I picked out most from his kindergarten one.)

I think it turned out pretty darn cute! I'm sure Gagey will have one to make sometime this year too!

I'm so proud of both my boys!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish Tales!

Today, after I got home from staff development (which was great by the way), I came home to the boys and Michael getting the fishing poles ready. Since the weather for the past couple days has been was time to go fishin!

So cute!! Of course...he wasn't the most patient fisherman.

...a couple minutes he is celebrating his first catch!!

Poor first catch.

What?!?! (I figured tonight was as good time as any to get a blog post done...I've been stinking at posting lately)

Corbin's first catch!

Gage would not go near the fish. Corbin was much more brave. He also told me "hurry up and take the picture...the fish is dying!!"

If you look REALLY REALLY can see the fish. ;) favorite story of the night. Corbin decided to walk off from his fishing pole...and a fish literally took off with the pole! Michael had to fish and find the pole out of the bottom of the pond. Hilarious!

He wouldn't touch a fish...but a worm is okay?!? Ew. Gotta love being a boyMOM.

Until next time...and who knows when that will be.