Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can not believe that in less than a year's time, I went from MOTHER of Corbin Michael.

I can't believe that I survived Corbin's 1st year. Lil Man suffered from colic and a short fuse if he wasn't held and/or entertained AT ALL TIMES!

I can't believe how well a 2 year old handled the transition from only child to big brother, and amazed by the special bond that these two boys share.

I can't believe how independent, wise, creative, energetic, and sweet this little boy is at such a young age.

I can't believe how much Corbin has grown...and how quickly he changes. It seems like yesterday that he was running into the living room screaming "ELMO WOO-LD! ELMO WOO-LD!" the minute the theme song to Elmo's World would come on the TV...and now only wants to watch jedi-knights, superheroes, or "Army" shows.

I can't believe that my first baby boy will be 5 years old at 8:01am, tomorrow morning.

I can't believe how UNBELIEVABLE the past five years have been as your mom.

Happy Birthday Torby! I love you.



Erica said...

Very sweet post! Happy Birthday Corbin!! You are one special kiddo!! I remember this morning 5 years ago...I was laying in my bed sleeping after a sleepless night with Carson, and I got the call that Corbin had arrived! What an exciting day! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!

Chelsi said...

Wow-that brought tears to my eyes! What a SWEET post and if he was a grumpy baby, he sure makes up for it with his sweetness now!