Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun!

I know it's the day before Halloween, but we had a lot planned, so I'm making this my Halloween post. (plus don't think I'll be getting the boys back into full hair and makeup tomorrow should see the color of my tub)

My 2 angels dressed as devils.

Is it a bird? (well, kinda) Is it a plane?It's...

ROBIN! Lincoln joined us for some fun today!

Lincoln loves suckers!

(think this is the 2nd-3rd sucker...he REALLY loves suckers!)

The firefighter clowns were a big hit to Corbin & too, because they gave me a huge hand sanitizer keychain thingy. Cool!

This sucker isn't open...but he sure wishes it was, and it didn't stop him from sucking on it anyway.

Guess what? Corbin & Gagey love suckers too!!

Probably my two favorite pics of the night...Gage and Corbin love Aunt Michelle's sister, Marissa. We went to Michelle's church to a festival and every 5 seconds, the boys were asking for and wanting to see Marissa. They look at her in awe and get so excited when she would pop up all through the night. So flippin cute!

Corbin waiting in one of the lines for a ride. It was pretty cold out at this point.

hee hee hee. Joey might not want me to post this, but it was friggin funny. Lincoln had big gloves on and he swung and popped Joey with his hand right when I took the picture. If ever in need of a good laugh...I'll refer to this pic. (look at the glove flying in the

The boys went to jail for a while.

Lincoln and Gage are "tasting the rainbow."

Such a fun day...the boys went to bed at about 10:30pm and looked like this at about 10:36pm.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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The Schrobilgens said...

I love their costumes and all of the pictures turned out great. They are so cute. I agree that the picture of Lincoln hitting Joey is great and good for a laugh!