Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 Little Pumpkins

Last night was pumpkin carving time...I always love carving pumpkins...especially digging out the "guts!" I showed Gage and Corbin how to do it, then watched them walk into the kitchen and get spoons to dig out the pumpkin seeds. Gage, especially, loves to play in some this was surprising. Of course he's all about doing whatever Corbin does...

Concentrating on the pumpkin. (One bad thing about this new captures every little detail...this pumpkin really doesn't look as gross as this pic makes it out to be..we got it for a steal at Walmart who cares!)


This pic CRACKS ME UP! Corbin has the "hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-mom-Charlie-Brown-is-on" look and Gage is off in his own little world...funniest part is in one hand, Gage is holding a wad of play money, and in the other hand...this creepy ball he got at the toy store that has floating eyeballs in it. The floating eyeball ball was looking at the camera too...creepy ball.
(click on pic and check out the creepy ball)

Decent enough picture...but pointed out the dirty bricks on the house from all the flippin rain!

Stay tuned for Halloween pics people!

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The Schrobilgens said...

They are so adorable! Yeah the eyeball is very creepy :)