Thursday, October 8, 2009



1) The FluMist stinks. Next time do not give the boys the option between the nasal mist or the shot...nurse told me that side effects of the mist were runny nose, and sore throat...for a couple days. (it has been a week now) Lil Man Gage has a runny nose, horrible cough and is in the WORST mood ever. (don't fever) Called nurse today and they said keep an eye on him for signs of ear infections and fever, but she just thinks it could be allergies. (whatever)

2) When working in PhotoShop, make sure you start with the correct size of photo. After spending 3 hours on the above invitation...I tried to get them printed and half the invite had been cropped off! Created a different invitation and they were sent out on Tuesday.

3) I need to learn now how to teach a lesson before I actually have "real" students. I had to play teacher this week at school and I had my class of pretend 5th graders (but really college students) create an alphabet book using information about the 50 states. Told them what I wanted and showed them the (above) examples....and this is what I got!!!!(below examples)

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