Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Lil' Bruiser

We had a soccer game today and I decided that I would try to get some pics. The weather was getting pretty icky by game time, we got rained on a bit...and we played a pretty good that knew the term "Defense" way better than our team. My lil' Bruiser did awesome as usual! :)

I bet you can't pick out Corbin from the lineup.

My soccer team...minus one little boy who couldn't make it.


This was the first game we lost this season due to:
1. Other team was much more defensive. (Seriously...they had drill sergeants for coaches.)
2. Star player was dealing with allergies. (Corbin got the flumist a couple days ago and his allergies were acting up)
3. It started drizzling and that was much more interesting than soccer.
4. Game was much later in the day than our first couple games.
2 wins 1 loss...
Go Bruisers!

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