Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebrating a 5th Birthday at the State Fair of Texas

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our day at the State Fair! As you can see...Corbin & Gage had a blast!!!

(not a favorite shot...but you can't leave a pic of Big Tex out of State Fair pics-right?)

A little nervous...

(a little blurry...but Gage looks so flippin cute)

The "lego lady" asked everyone to build something with blue blocks, then went around with a microphone and asked each kid what they built...can you guess what Corbin built?

Fried Snickers...definitely my son!

Happy Birthday Corbin!

Stay tuned for party pictures...


The Schrobilgens said...

What fun that looks to have been! Can't believe he is 5! He is so darn cute.

The Corpian's said...

I love the one of them on the ride by themselves, ya'll must have been lucky and not had a huge crowd!