Saturday, October 17, 2009

Small Peek into Corbin's TMNT Party!

I don't know why, but my pictures seem to look like crap on blogger. I'll be posting some to facebook too.

Don't know how he does it...but Gagey always seems to pick Emma to buddy up with.

Carson and Corbin are "Ninja-posing!"

(note to Joey: don't ever smile like that...scary)

L.O.V.E this one! Corbin & his Uncle Jared.

Post Party... we look tired...but that is because we had so much fun!!!
Thanks to cold and flu (both pig and regular) season, we were a little short on guests this year for the party...but Corbin still had a BLAST! He LOVED getting to see his buddy Carson and loved all his gifts! Gammy, Uncle Jared, Pop, Uncle Joey, Aunt 'chele, Lincoln, Erica, Carson, Caden, Emma, and Ella we want to thank you so much for celebrating Corbin's big day!

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Erica said...

What fun! You captured the occasion perfectly! I wish I was closer to Plano, and I would have one of the kids' parties there! My kids loved that place! We need to get together again soon! :)