Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Rockin New Years Eve"....Nicholson Style

Since it was Gagey's turn to go to work with daddy, Corbin and I headed out to the movie theater to watch "Bolt". FYI....awesome movie for the kids. The minute we left the theater Corbin was asking when we could buy the movie.

After the movie, we met Gage and daddy at Allen Outlet mall for lunch and shopping.

Later that night, after dinner at Chili's (thanks Mammaw) we headed over to Best Buy. Both Corbin and Gage had their turn at playing Rock Band.

The boys ended the night by playing our new Wii purchase...Dance Dance Revolution's Hottest Party!!
Now it's a little after 8:30pm and the boys are going to bed a little early. (thanks to no naps) Now Michael and I can party and celebrate the new year like any typical couple with two young children...we're going to take turns playing Dance Dance Revolution! :)

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

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