Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Mouth Hurts!

Gagey has had a low fever that has steadily been rising for the last 3 days. When it finally hit 101.4 today and Gage complained of his mouth hurting I decided to get him in to see Dr. Burton. I went in all prepared for Dr. Burton to tell me Gage had the flu..and I was even more prepared to NEVER get the flu shot again (considering Corbin had the flu last year after getting the shot)...when the doctor came back and told me Gagey has strep throat!!! Poor Gagey. The ONLY good thing about strep throat is it can be cured with medicine....Gagey won't be sick (or contagious) next week! Now I can only hope that Corbin stays healthy....CROSS YOUR FINGERS for Corbin.

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Carter's mommy said...

I am sorry Gage is feeling bad!:( I hope he's all better for Christmas!