Sunday, December 21, 2008

In no particular order...Our Week in Review

This is the ever so popular learning table that is now on the 4th baby boy in our family. First Corbin, then Gage, then Lincoln is enjoying it!! Looks like even Jenkins (the dog) wants to get in on the action!

Gagey has been sick all week this week. He's on his 2nd antibiotic for strep throat. This one seems to be working...but it's such a slow process.

This pic was taken at the beginning of the week at the park. By the look that Gage is making...I should have known this week was going to be a crazy one!

Corbin and Gage at Gammy's house...Corbin had spent the night after Gage came home not feeling well and had lots of fun with Gammy and Uncle Jared making forts, watching movies and sleeping on Gammy's mattress on the floor in the living room!

I had to add the picture of Precious at the end. :) She is pooped out and was ready for Gagey and Corbin to go home so she could get her much needed nap.
This week has been a crazy one!! Here's hoping that Christmas Week turns out much better!!!

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The Corpian's said...

Just making sure you know, that is Winnie in the picture, not Jenkins! :)