Monday, December 29, 2008

Lil' Buggers...and Bees I thought since it was such a nice day out today, I'll take the kids up to the elementary school by our house to the park. Not long after we got there, Gage started screaming and Corbin started yelling..."Just run Gage!!" I knew there was a problem and then I noticed the bees hovering around...just waiting to land on my poor defenseless Gagey. I grabbed him and moved to another section of the park...closely followed by the bees. After numerous bouts of screaming and running...I told the boys it was time to go home and do sidewalk chalk in the driveway. I grabbed a glass of coke and went outside all prepared to draw and play...and of course, a bee landed on my coke! Now it will probably be a while before we're able to play outside without a fly swatter! The boys are completely obsessed with all things BEE...they usually have me draw things like monsters and motorcycles on the I took a picture of the only thing they asked me to draw.

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