Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Home/ Christmas with the Corpians

Corbin was super excited that Santa remembered to get him the Pixos that he asked for!

Gage and his new doggie with doggie crate from Santa.

Linc-a-doo and his new toy from Gage and Corbin.

Gage with his new "fluffy croc" shoes from Lincoln and gas pump from Gammy!

I told Corbin..."show me your new shoes!" This is what I got. :)

Poor Lincoln. He really wasn't sad when I snapped this shot, but he was expressing how he was feeling. Poor baby got his first sickness and first fever on Christmas....his FIRST Christmas too!
Even feeling under the weather...he was as good as gold! You are some lucky ducks Joey and Michelle!

Yes....this is a picture of fajitas. We had mexican food yet again for a Christmas feast. Good job Uncle Joey with your fajitas though! They were yummy.

Ok...I'm not one to share the "Perfect Aunt" spotlight(hee hee), but I had to add this shot of Lincoln and his Aunt Marissa. As you can see from the picture, Lincoln sure does love to cuddle! :) Also thanks Marissa for keeping my boys entertained.


Carter's mommy said...

Looks like a good time! We had Christmas fajitas too!

Carter's mommy said...

Oh, we need to get together this week! What day is good for you? Call or email me!!