Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Beautiful (December???) Day

Start off this post with my "Bad Mommy" moment. You can't really see it well but the left side of Gagey's nose has a huge scratch on it...I accidently clawed him when we were playing patty cake and "arm dancing!!" BAD MOMMY!

Went outside today and noticed that the weather was more like spring than winter. :) The boys loved it!

Scooter time!

Gagey wiped out!! He tends to get a little dramatic, if you can't tell. :)

Corbin telling me that he's "too good" to fall.

Blowing bubbles.

Sethie-toot enjoying a WARM winter's day!

Classic Gage- mad at mommy for saying no to something. :)

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The Corpian's said...

Ha ha, that pic of Gage on the ground is cracking me up!