Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Go Golfing...or try to

Since the boys all got their own golf clubs for Christmas this year from Mimi and Pop, we decided to head out to TopGolf to test them out!

Unfortunately, this was the ONLY smile we saw out of Slade all night. Poor baby.

Corbin hitting the ball.

Seth's turn.

Gage watching his ball roll.

Then it was time for putt-putt. I think the boys had more fun looking (and playing) in all the water and running through the courses than actually playing the game...which was fine because I was more than ready to go home! :)

The boys all had a blast (except Mr. Slade) but I think the person who had the best time of all was Michael. He got on some leader board thing (18th out of 100 or something) and was VERY proud of himself. So out! ;)

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