Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas was a huge success this year! Above is what the boys woke up to Christmas morning! (yes, I know it's symmetrical...Santa is articulate(or slightly OCD) in our house!)
If you look closely you can see the letter from Santa saying that there were 2 extra presents in the garage...BICYCLES!

The biggest hit wasn't anything Santa got...it was the presents from Mom and Dad ! iPod Touches! They asked Santa for Nintendo DS's, but we thought that they would get a lot more games and ones that can be easily downloaded too. :) Plus, Gage had been asking for an "I-Patch" for at least 9 months...so our decision between the two was simple.

Gage (and Corbin) both got Paper Jamz guitars...AC/DC ones too! I don't really understand why they are so popular...but the boys sure do look cute playing them!

Corbin?....Gage?....hello!?.... Yes, it has been a little quieter around here.

Around lunchtime, we headed over to Joey, Lincoln, and Michelle's house for a late Christmas lunch!

Joey (and Winnie) checked out Gage's new iPod.

Lincoln with his Iron Man glove on. He takes Iron Man very seriously. :)

Corbin had some fun with Lincoln's new Nerf gun. It was a battery-powered one, so all you had to do was shoot! (and we all got shot multiple times by all the boys)

Lunch! Corbin's favorite part was the rolls! (definitely his momma's son)

Lincoln got Corbin some spy stuff!! Pretty cool!

We got Lincoln some matchbox cars and race set thing. He really liked it too!

The only pic I got of Gammy's gifts to the boys. SuperHero Squad playsets!

Eating some dessert! Yum!!

It has been a wonderful Christmas vacation so far!! Now it's time to rest up and get ready for school to start back up...then student teaching!!!!

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