Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Pictures: Past and PRESENT!

2007: This was the first year we were able to get a Santa picture of Corbin. He was 3 years old. Gage was one. I think it helped that he had such a brave little brother. :) Of course, when Easter rolled around...Gage was terrified of the big bunny, and Corbin was the brave one.

2008: Corbin was 4 years old. Gage was 2. This was the year that Santa moved from Frisco to Allen. I think it's so cool that we have seen the same Santa! He's such a good one too!

2009: This one is probably my favorite. Corbin is 5, and Gage is 3.

2010: This years picture! We went and saw Santa last Wednesday! The boys were so excited! Don't they look sweet?!? This year Santa went high-tech and you could actually log into a kiosk with your cell phone and they would text you when it was time to get in line to see Santa!!! Awesome...although I think they used the money for the kiosk, so they did away with the reindeer this year. :(

I thought this picture was cute too! Look at their sweet lil hands! If you scroll up through the pictures...at least one of them has their hands the exact same way in every picture! So cute!! This picture was taken when Santa asked them what they wanted for Christmas this year.
Corbin: "spy stuff"
Gage: "motorcycles"
Stay tuned for more pics!! Fyi...Corbin's school Christmas party was a huge success, but I don't feel comfortable posting pics of other kids, so no pictures. :(
We are going to Holiday in the Park today and will have Christmas festivities later on in the week!!

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