Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Night (Day) Before Christmas...

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Mimi and Pop's for a late lunch.

Here is Gage, Pop and Slade hanging out before our mexican food lunch!

Gage decided to do his own hair. I think he kinda looks like one of those Bakugan brawlers.

Lil Man Slade was full of smiles...

...he even got a picture with his favorite aunt!

Mimi and Pop had just gotten back from Jamaica and brought home some shirts and souvenirs for all the boys...Seth and Gage showed off their shirts.

Slade had plenty to look at...and seemed to enjoy the craziness from his brother and cousins! (like he has a choice!)

The 4 Primos! (that is "cousins" in Spanish) :)

hey...I'm trying to stay with the "spanish" theme, since that is what we had for lunch! :)

Notice how my boys are looking at me and Seth and Slade are looking at their mommy? Pretty good picture either way though!

Seth was pretty excited about the game the boys got him.

Gage was really excited about the game that Seth and Slade got him! :)

Corbin LOVES science, so this present was a big hit!

Slade didn't give a flip about the present we got him...maybe one day. ;)

Mimi and Pop got Corbin, Gage and Seth some golf clubs for Christmas! Top we come!

The boys' got Pop some new (cooler) jeans for Christmas. They think (by they, I mean Michael) he needs to get a little more stylish.

Mimi got a necklace that says "Mimi" on one circle, "Seth, Slade" on another circle, "Corbin, Gage" on another circle and "Dakota, Blane" on another circle...hard to explain and this is the best pic I got. :)

Corbin with his cousin, Slade. Great picture!

Overall, Christmas Eve was a big success and everyone was happy with their gifts!

Stay tuned for the Christmas Day post!

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