Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas-time at the Gaylord Texan and Bass Pro!!!

Sunday afternoon we headed out with Mimi, Pop, Sarah, Shawn, Seth and Slade to check out the Christmas decorations at a couple places in Grapevine! Fun was had by all!! (except maybe Slade, who slept through almost the entire thing)

We went to the Gaylord Texan hotel first and checked out all the neat decorations!

I thought this was cute... a little shop in the hotel.

Gage said he didn't want his picture taken, but Corbin and Seth were all for it!

A Cowboy Santa...of course!

Gage was really excited about something here...can't remember what. He was dancing.

Pop showing off his bracelet that was made by a new jewelery maker...Gagey!

Here the boys are...crammed in the elevator.

Corbin asked to have his picture I of course took it! Super cute pic too!

Only in Texas.

This was Gage at least through half the tour...he was always standing right next to Slades stroller with his hand on his feet. :) He loves "Baby Slade" He even told me he wants a baby...and I told him I'd be happy to give him...a doll.

Standing in front of a gingerbread man made with real candies!!!

Again, this house was made with real candy! It smelled really good.

I think the boys' favorite part of the exhibits were the trains.

A cool (cute) picture of my lil man.

The closest one I got of all of them looking at the camera.

My favorite one of the 4 cousins! Corbin just trying to take a good pic, Gagey being gentle with Baby Slade, and Seth wanting to give baby kisses.

Seth decided HE wanted to hold Slade for pics...Michael to the rescue.

cute cowboy decorations!

Uncle Michael and Slade.

Love my boys.

This was Seth and Gage almost the entire time at Gaylord!!! So sweet.

A new favorite pic of Seth!! This was at the Bass Pro Shop on the reindeer carousel. He's concentrating on the target. Look at that cute lil face!

Gagey just wanted to shoot!
Not going to lie...Bass Pro about bored me to tears...but the boys had fun playing with all the stuff!!!
Stay tuned...

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