Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oldies...but Goodies I don't have any new pictures or any news to blog about, so I thought I would share some of my final project from my Reading class (really it's writing, but called reading) Anyway, we were required to write an 8 page paper....on a personal level and then create a creative presentation for the final. I made a mini-book about people in my life and how odd it is that significant events fall on the 25th (or close to the 25th) of different months in my life. Each "chapter" was separated by personal photos. So...the photos may be a little old...but that just makes them more fun(ny) to look at!!

Dad's birthday and the day he passed away fell on the 25th. Gage had a very hard time with believing that the picture above is one of Gammy.

Joey has a birthday on the 25th...I love how my hair is different in every one of these photos and the only thing different with Joey is his clothes.

Me and Lincoln's birthday is on the 25th. (I also have another nephew on Michael's side that has my birthday)

Corbin's original due date was the 26th...which is almost the 25th. I couldn't do a personal project without talking about my I incorporated almost dates ;) I also find it kinda funny that my sister-in-law is due with baby #2 who has a due date of the 27th, but could be delivered on Corbin's birthday. (birthday parties will start to become extremely chaotic in the next year!)

Jared (lil brother) has a birthday on the 23rd (corbin is having trouble believing the picture on the upper right is him and Jared), my wedding anniversary is the 24th, Joey and Michelle's is the 26th, Van's birthday and date he passed away is also really close to the 25th. I had to do a little mathematics to figure out Gage's original due date (I forgot to write it down), but am thinking that it was most likely also the 26th of his birth month, because I was having a c-section 10 days before the due date (16th), but had an emercency c-section done on the 10th.
You may not think that is a little odd...but I do! Plus, it's so stinking easy to write about my family!! I don't know my grade, and don't really care what it is, because I liked how the project turned that is all that matters! I did also get a really sweet compliment from a girl in class that doesn't usually hand them that right there is satisfying enough!!
Enjoy the pics and don't laugh too hard at Joey's chili bowl or my pregnant belly with the 9 lb baby!!!


Ella Cate and Emma Claire said...

LOVE this! What an awesome project! You incorporated some great pictures!

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